Designed alongside Haymes Paint, learn all about colour from the experts. Gain knowledge of terminology, psychology, and the complexities of colour relationships in action. Understand how to apply colour to space through spatial planning and mood. Understand the impact of light, architectural design influences, and the basics in various paint technicalities. Culminate in analysing numerous client scenarios and providing a complete colour scheme to a brief.


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Course Price: $499 inc. GST.

Course Duration: 6 Modules (18 hrs)

Subscription Duration: 6 weeks from date of purchase

With over 30 years of design industry
experience and a forward-thinking focus and
creative and supportive environment.

Work with our industry partners on design briefs
and graduate with real-world experience.

You can complete your course online from
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Module 1: Colour theory and tools

Colour wheel, dimensions, systems
Colour temperature
Tone and tonal moods
Colour terminology

Module 2: Colour psychology and trends

Colour wheel and dimensions of colour
Colour psychology, symbolism and cultural meaning
Colour trend forecasting
Trends and styles

Module 3: Colour relationships

Colour schemes – creating mood
Different colour relationships
Whites and neutrals

Module 4: Spatial design and creating mood

Colour for interiors
Creating a colour scheme
Tonal manipulation and mood
Patterns, texture, whites and neutrals

Module 5: Interior and exterior architecture

Interior + exterior architecture
Match colour to era
Paint systems

Module 6: Colour communication and developing a complete scheme

In this module, you will bring everything into practice and work on a final colour project designed by Haymes Paint.