What is a Surface Designer?

Surface Design is often described as the development of prints and patterns that can be applied to any surface. This includes, cushions, lampshades, bed linen, fashion fabrics and wallpaper, just to name a few.

A Surface Designer spends their days working through the design process to develop prints + patterns that can be applied to one or multiple different products.

At iscd, our Surface Designers learn to create designs for fashion + home products as well as understand the process to design + manufacture their own product ranges to sell commercially.

How can you become a Surface Designer?

iscd offers a two-course pathway to complete the Surface Design Diploma starting with the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Design followed by the specialised Surface Design Diploma.

Certificate IV in Design + Surface Design Diploma

Not sure you want to take the leap yet?


These short courses and workshops offer you a step in the right direction:

Graduate Profile


Aimee Grant

Prior to coming to iscd, I was studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in painting and drawing. Towards the end of my degree I did some short courses in design and textiles. They really resonated and made me rethink my art practice. My passion for pattern and motifs grew from there, and this is very much reflected in my personal sketchbooks.

That experience in the classroom has been really valuable. Once you hold a Surface Design Diploma you can go freelance, focus on commercial art or, like me, work with a company that develops a product. Right now I just love the fact I’m building a career in an area I’m really passionate about.

Surface Design Graduate | 2010