Romain Dossou-Yovo

I started my working life in media and advertising before working for an investment bank. I decided to enrol at iscd as it allowed me to discover many areas of the design industry. It’s also a very hands-on program with instructors that are highly regarded in the industry – I always felt anything was possible thanks to their support and knowledge. And most importantly for me, the school offered great flexibility with its time table.

Everything went so fast after graduating in 2017. I snapped up an internship at Inside Out magazine the following month and right after that I became an interior designer for two studios. I believe iscd did a great job at giving me the foundation and an understanding of the design industry. However, like any industry, you must be curious and strive to push your boundaries, and put yourself out there. This is key if you want to be ahead of the game. Aspiring designers should beware that the industry requires hard work, dedication and perseverance.