Your Short Course FAQ’s answered…

Posted by rachel on May 20

With the release of our new short courses we want to make sure we have answered any questions you may have!

Have a read below of our most asked questions and please get in touch with us if you have a question we haven’t covered here.


What format is the course taught on? Is it easy to use?


Our new short courses are taught on a platform called Open Learning. The platform is really easy to navigate and will progress you through your chosen course as you complete each module. It is a community-driven platform created to inspire and connect you to your classmates throughout the course duration through activities, sharing ideas and talking to other students in discussion boards.

Once you enrol into a course you will be asked to set up a profile where you can upload a photo and write a little about yourself. From there it is as simple as reading, watching videos, sharing ideas on discussion boards and following the simple set activities to get you using your newly acquired knowledge and skills. submitting your work is as easy as taking a photo or screen grab and loading it onto a discussion board for feedback both from fellow students and at certain exercises the online trainer.

Meaningful learning happens when students are inspired, excited, challenged, and motivated by a genuine love for something, not grades. At OpenLearning, we’re revolutionising online learning to be a social and engaging experience for students.”

– Open Learning


Do I need to buy any materials or programs to complete any of the short courses?

Colour and Styling Essentials do not require any additional materials. We do use some free software to create mood boards.

The Surface Design Essentials course will require the purchase of a visual diary, some inks, paper, paints, pens and pencils. However, this will depend on the medium you wish to practice with during the course to create your pattern bank and all materials you can purchase at any art store. So you can spend as much or as little as you like. You will also require access to Adobe Illustrator. You will need this software from Module 4 in the course. Illustrator can be purchased as an individual program for $29.99 a month from


Once enrolled how long do I have to complete the course? 

These short courses are broken into 6 modules. We advise allowing approximately 3 hours per module to complete the study and activities. You can go as fast as you like to complete these modules within your subscription time.

Once your course starts you will have a trainer with you for 6 weeks to complete the 6 modules.


How do I know if these are the right courses for me?

These courses are introductory courses. They teach you the basic knowledge and skills in each area of design. They are perfect for anyone who wants to learn these skills as an interest or as a beginning into design training and all you need is a willingness to learn. Should you wish to continue your studies into an accredited course you can submit your portfolio to apply for recognition of prior learning if relevant.


How much contact will I have from an educator?

As a community-based course you will get lots of tips and shared insights from the wider group. Plus, once you have enrolled there will be a trainer with you for 6 weeks, to provide feedback at key activities as you develop your skills. They are not on 24/7 but rather jump in at key learning points to provide feedback for you. Educators will aim to reply to you within a 24 hour period (Monday to Friday). 


Are these short courses accredited?

Our Colour Essentials and Styling essentials courses have been built with our Industry Partners, Haymes Paint and Home Beautiful. Ensuring you have the most up to date and relevant content in these courses from experts in the industry. As such these course are not accredited but you do receive a certificate upon completion and can apply for some recognition of prior learning with your portfolio from the course should you wish to continue to study with iscd.


Can I enrol into more than one short course at a time?

You can enrol in as many of our short courses as you like. We recommend you spend 3+ hours per module on your studies so as long as you have time for that it’s totally up to you how many courses you study!


Do I have to be in Australia to study these courses?

No, we welcome anyone from anywhere in the world. Our current iscd community is world wide! But you will need to be proficient in English.


What payment methods do you accept?

Short courses are paid for in upfront payments only. There are no instalment plans for these short courses and no refund once the course has commenced.


What entry requirements do I have to meet to enrol into the short courses?

None! These essential short courses have been built to give you a real introduction into your chosen design area, covering everything you need to know from the very start.


Can I share my work from the course?

Yes! Please do! We love to see our students work and love sharing it with the wider iscd community too! You will have a portfolio upon completing the course and remember to tag us in any social media posts of your work using @iscdeducation and #iscdeducation.


To find out more about each short course or to enrol head over to the course pages below:





Got a question we haven’t answered? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you out further!