Winter Interiors Inspiration

Posted by iscd@admin on June 29

Winter is well and truly here and what a better way to spend the cold, short days than wrapped up in pajamas in our cosy, warm homes, right?

Motivation and Inspiration may not come as easy to us in the winter months but that doesn’t mean it has to disappear! As designers we are always seeking new inspiration. Not to mention keep up with the evolving industry trends and new products.

Here at iscd we are big lovers of cosy days so we wanted to make inspiring yourselves easy. We have put together some beautiful interior mood boards that will warm you from the inside-out. There are some simply stunning happenings in the design world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy…


Blue is typically associated with water and the ocean but it plays an emotional roll in winter.  A calming and peaceful colour which is perfect for setting the right mood in your home. Like all colours, blues can have a cool undertone or a warm one. Here in this mood board we coupled it with yellow undertone browns and pink beige’s to create a space of relaxation and simplicity.



A darker, moodier palette gives the sense of intimacy for a more cosy feel in a space, perfect for the cooler months. High contrast schemes are popular at the moment with strong neutrals featured to make a statement in the space. Here, black portrays sophistication against white which represents purity and softness and the pop of tan is introduced through wood, weaving and other natural materials to add warmth.




The blush pink and emerald green colour palette is not one we are unfamiliar with. Having been popular for the past few years we’ve seen some simply stunning interiors using this scheme. The use of pattern, textures and layers with these colours can create some really inviting spaces.



Textures can come in different ways, in an interior space they will either be visual or tactile textures. Both are very important when it comes to designing and styling a space. In most cases, visual textures will be the first element someone will experience when entering a room and helps create first impressions. Followed by tactile textures that enlighten your sense of touch. Mixing textures makes a space much more interesting, subliminally inviting and cosy – Perfect for the winter months!