Our industry

At the core of the iscd creative community are our industry connections, which have been built over the past 30 years. We know how important it is to meet the right industry contacts and to ensure that your course content is industry relevant.


Key industry partners have developed our curriculum and they engage with our students both on campus and off campus through in-class presentation and our excursion program giving them exposure to the design community.


We work with leaders in the design industry to provide relevant course content and industry briefs throughout all our colour and design career courses. Our industry partners judge each of the briefs and give sought after awards to outstanding students that include internship opportunities.


Whether it is internships, work experience or full time employment, there are numerous opportunities for iscd graduates to work with industry leaders and with exclusive positions advertised on our job board, your career in design is right around the corner.





Why study with ISCD?

The focus at iscd is on you. Our courses are designed to nurture your individual creativity and style whilst providing you with the industry know-how so you can jump straight into your design career.

"Never feel too old, never feel that you’re not creative enough, never feel that you could fail at something. Take a breath and try it."

Dani Butchart
Styling Diploma

"Studying Surface Design with iscd helped me to focus on my personal design aesthetic and gave me the final push I needed to start my brand, Elson"

Broc Munro
Surface Design Diploma