Located in NSW, Australia’s most populous state, Sydney is the countries’ most global and dynamic metropolitan city. It is one of the highest ranked cities in the world in terms of quality of life and has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Sydney is uniquely multicultural and as a result many International students feel right at home. Around 40% of residents are born overseas. The highest percentage of nationalities come from Britain, China, New Zealand, Vietnam, Lebanon, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Philippines.



One of the main attractions for those travelling to Australia is the comfortable and temperate climate. Famous for its beach culture, summer in Sydney is warm with temperatures getting up to 35 degrees celsius with an average of 26 degrees.


Sydney is lively and vibrant city offering of unique cultural events year round, including indoor and outdoor music, art festivals and renowned sporting events. For an update of Sydney events visit http://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/.


Sydney has a multi-dimensional transport system that includes trains, buses, taxies and ferries.

Sydney’s new Opal card system allows you to tap on and off from any train, ferry or bus location.

inSTUDIO’s campus is easily accessible with direct access to North Sydney train station – just a short 10minute stroll.

Cost of Living

It is important to plan your finances carefully before deciding to study in Australia. Students are often surprised at the many hidden costs that can sprin up when they are studying and working. Below is a typical weekly living cost guide for students in Sydney. Please note these are estimates only.

  • Rent: $250+
  • Food: $120+
  • Utilities: $50
  • Travel: $40
  • Internet/Personal: $80

Accommodation Options

Sydney is a great location for international study with careful planning. Many students find shared accomodation to manage their funds. Some popular student accomodation include

Homestay Options:

Shared Accommodation:


For more information about accommodation in Australia visit Study in Australia

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