Student Spotlight – Online Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Posted by iscd@admin on December 8
Larissa Gerritsen was a campus student at iscd who moved out of Sydney and took up her studies online, starting the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration earlier this year. She has been a powerhouse in the course, working through the subjects with enthusiasm and dedication. She is currently in the ‘Styling’ subject and caught our eye for our “Spotlight on a Student” this month.


1. What was your background before starting the course?
I grew up in rural South Australia then after leaving school worked as a legal secretary at a local law firm, eventually moving to London for a few years, Dublin for a year, returning to Australia to live in Sydney for 12, working as an executive assistant in investment banking. At the beginning of this year, I moved to Adelaide to be closer to family, spend more time with my daughter and study which will lead into a career change.


2. How did you find yourself studying at iscd / what lead you to study the Interior Design and Decoration Diploma?
Growing up on a farm being one of 8 children definitely starts you off being creative! But it wasn’t until after I had my daughter and we were planning to build, I became actively interested in why what works where and started experimenting myself. A friend recommended the Foundation course at iscd and from there I moved on to the Interior Design and Decoration Diploma. Between the Foundation course and diploma I studied for a few months with another institute, attending campus but swapped back to iscd because I found the overall standard higher plus working for home is excellent. I have my work laid out ready to go at any moment and add ideas I think of while I’m doing other things.


3. What has been your favourite project so far?
Without doubt Visual Merchandising; designing a window display. I love the thought process of ‘hey, why not do this?’ and letting the imagination run with the idea then putting it in the appropriate context. Having more confidence helps too. Colour + Light is a close second. Working with a real life interior and client is really satisfying.


4. What has been your greatest discovery about yourself in this course?
An adoration for beautiful imagery. For example, I came across a company Yo2 Designs the other day and was almost euphoric looking at their stunning imagery. Instagram often receives the same excitement.


5. Which designers do you most aspire to?
Paola Navone is incredible, her interiors are works of art and Sibella Court for her amazing talent accentuating features of seemingly ordinary objects.


6. What would be your dream role after completing the course?
Ultimately, designing and implementing concepts for both small retail businesses and residential interiors. That way I have the a good variety of ideas flowing. Working with other designers is equally important so I will look for roles that combine both.


7. How would you describe your own design ethos/style?
I’m very attracted to strong expressive designs that don’t fit one particularly style but leaning towards bohemian with elements of mediterranean, cuban and industrial. Quite a mix!


8. What was your biggest fear in studying this course?

The fear of not being able to articulate ideas! But as the course progresses, its becoming less and less. Along with developing tools to do so, having privy to other student’s work and feedback through Canvas is helping a great deal. Its really motivating seeing others move through the same process and the results from different perspectives. The educators are so on the ball with their feedback, there is a lot to be learnt from the feedback they give others.


9. Would you have any tips for a student just starting this course?
Allow time to look at as many designs as you can – instagram is excellent; as are newsletters from Yellowtrace, ArchiExpo, Bloglovin, Interior Addict, The Design Files, The Society Inc to name a few favourites – take note of where/who they are from and keep a design file of images you love that you can use as inspiration. Its much easier to refer back to. That and share your ideas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how encouraging it its.

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