James Treble x Rugspace Collection Launch

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iscd was fortunate enough to attend the launch of James Treble’s latest collection with Rugspace this week. The incredible collection includes rugs, ottomans and cushions –  all handmade and so touchable! Today we speak to James about the new collection and find out his tips for upcoming designers.

Can you tell us a bit about the collection?


My collaboration with Rugspace culminating in the James Treble for Rugspace range is based upon rich textures and the use of natural materials such as jute, hemp, linen & felted wool. PLUS recycled products such as linen, denim and leather providing high quality products which are gorgeous to touch and look at, as well as being healthy for us to live with.


Picture 518



Where did you draw your inspiration?


I see the growing trend in the use of natural materials and fibres inside our homes as an important way of balancing the level of technology we live with, as well as allowing us to feel relaxed and calm in our havens.

Added to this is of course our awareness of the environment and the need to include recycled and renewable materials as a way of looking after our planet. This of course has a positive flip side because we also benefit from having healthy homes as natural materials are also beneficial to live with.

As a Planet Ark ambassador, being environmentally aware of all materials we live with is simply a way of life, so the freedom I had to collate this range was not only exciting for me but totally inspiring, as the high quality of finishes and designs shows the very exciting direction that environmentally aware design is heading.


Room Image - ANTIBES - NATURAL - $999


What was it like working with Rugspace?


I have worked with the team at United Artworks & The Canvas Workshop for many years now, for my personal styling work with clients, using them for styling shoots at Zanui.com.au, as well as regularly selecting their works for my room make overs on Network Tens, The Living Room.

They contacted me last year to discuss their exciting new venture, adding rugs to their range and rebranding to become United Interiors. They asked me to come on board to help guide and create the brand and create the James Treble for Rugspace range.

My role was to collate a range and create the identity of the brand. The level of trust and strength in our relationship meant I was given Carte Blanche allowing me to not only provide the latest in trends and high quality products at very reasonable price points, but also to create a range which fits perfectly with my own environmental ethos and love of natural finishes and all things hand made.


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How important do you think a rug is in a space?


Selecting the right rug is so important because it’s a large surface area and becomes part of the room. It can be selected to either compliment the existing furniture, or to create an accent with its colour and pattern, as well as creating zones within a room, but the impact of flooring should not be underestimated.


If you have a mix of colours and shapes in your accessories and soft furnishings, then selecting a rug with texture and pattern in neutral tones and one colour will add a sense of calm to the space. If you have a neutral space, then selecting bolder colours or stronger patterns such as geometrics may inject some personality


A very popular trend is to include more traditionally made products and natural fibres in our lives. This allows easy to clean, recyclable fibres to be used within the home, with no risk of allergies to children, whilst still providing a high end and stylish addition to any interior space.


It’s always worth investing in a good quality rug depending upon your budget and the use of the room, but think about how you want the space to feel, as you can completely transform a space simply by adding the perfect rug.




Do you have a favourite in the range?


I have to be completely biased and say I love all of my range, being rugs, cushions, throws and ottomans, as putting my name to these items as well as the Rugspace brand, was not something I entered into lightly.

I do however have two ‘stand out’ favourites; I actually love the felted wools as something new and exciting to the world of rugs, adding rich thick texture, which is hard wearing but soft and durable.

The Antibes and Berkley are both simply gorgeous to look at, are almost sculptural in their design and they add a stylish statement to any home, including mine!

I am also completely in love with the Colour Blocked range of cushions with their embroided front panels adding bright punchy colour to my range. The colours include ‘Burnt Orange”, ‘Cherry’ and the colour choice of the moment ‘Pink’ adding a soft fleshy tone to include in any décor.




What are your top 3 tips for our students when designing products?


For my range I was able to put my mark on not only my range, but the direction and image of the brand. This is important as your name is something you should always value and you should never be satisfied to be associated with any design or creation, if you yourself would not 100% believe in it.

As the Rugspace brand obviously lives within a commercial world, I had to be practical and always clear that all of the range within both the rugs and accessories, were going to be suitable for the market, without deviating form my own believes and core values.

I think you should always be aware of what makes you unique, what message you wish to send, and what you want to be associated with. This is really a way of being aware of your ‘brand’, who you are, and what you value.

I have worked within various roles over the past 20 years in both the building and design arena, and as my exciting journey continues from television to writing to presenting and now into brand association. It’s more important now more than ever to remember to stay true to those core values, which got me here in the first place.

TOP 3# Tips

  • Identify your message, who you are
  • What are your core values, what makes you unique
  • Ensure that what ever you create or design reflects these and constantly refer back to make sure you stay on your path.


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Shots from the collection Launch this week


What’s coming up in 2016 for you?


I know for many 2016 has been a roller coaster so far, and we’re only just 4 months into the year. The reality of my exciting life is that I end up working long hours within mostly a 13 day fortnight,


They say ‘You never work a day in your life, if you’re do something you love!’


For this reason I squash all of those weekends into a 4-5 week trip every year in the Australian winter, when I get a break between filming and my other various commitments. My partner was born in Rome, and we return each year to visit his family and friends. This trip allows me time to recharge, immerse myself in Italian design and architecture, view the latest in European trends and of course drink and eat too much!


I have been filming for season 5 of The Living Room on Network Ten, since late last year, and will continue on this until June, as we work on an approximately 6 months ahead of airtime schedule. I have been the interior design expert on TLR since season 1, working on room makeovers and design challenges and the last 5 years have been an exciting ride.


I continue to write my monthly articles for Home Plus magazine, allowing me to share my knowledge and ideas, as well as writing for other publications and articles when required, which is a fantastic opportunity to have a voice.


My work as ambassador for Planet Ark is one I love and I work with them on various campaigns such as plant a tree day, world wood day and recycling week – which is my favourite as I love DIY, up-cycling and recycling, with many of my favourite pieces being things I have collected and saved since I was young.


I am so very fortunate to work in an industry I love, and through a combination of very hard work, continued education where I learn as much as I teach, and amazing opportunities I am able to enjoy a career which is continuing to offer new experiences and personal growth.

Remember you never know what is around the corner, so do what you enjoy, the more you do it, the better you will become, the better you become the doors will open. You can never fake enthusiasm!




See more of James Treble’s new collection here

To check out everything that James gets up to visit him on Instagram



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