Yes, iscd offers a full time study option for International Students.


There is one fundamental difference between Interior Design and Interior Styling/Decorating. Interior Design is the design of the actual space i.e. where the walls, windows and doors will go. Interior Styling or Decorating is the embellishment, creating mood and style of the space with soft furnishings, curtains, carpet, tiles, furniture, colour and accessories.

Colour Consulting is the use of colour in design. Colour can be specified for many different areas including interior and exterior colour for residential and commercial properties. An important area for Colour Consulting is in marketing. Product development is heavily reliant on colour theory from logos to packaging. Colour is the most emotional element in design and so a Colour Designer is an important role in all areas of design.

iscd offers a range of study options to suit your needs.  iscd have many students with family and work commitments.  Some of our on-campus courses offer different course lengths depending on how much time you can commit each week.  With our online courses, you can complete the course at your own pace within a set timeframe.  Whatever your life involves, we can always find a flexible option for you.

All iscd professional Diploma’s are taught in the second tier of the School’s curricula. The first tier is the Certificate IV in Design (CUV 40715) or Certificate IV in Decoration (MSF40113). These foundation studies are the corner stone of the school and is an excellent skills-based course focusing on colour and interior design principles. The fundamental and essential skills learnt in the Foundation Course – Certificate IV  are then applied in the diplomas. The second tier becomes the “how to” professional courses and rely heavily on the skills and competencies learnt in the foundation year. The pathways set by the School have proved very successful and ensure that you will have the optimum outcome on graduation from your Diploma course.

You can study these Certificates on their own or you can enrol directly into a Diploma in which case the foundation studies are included to various required levels.

If you feel that you have already gained enough skills to enter the diploma year either through previous study, work experience or life skills without needing to study the certificate, you are very welcome to apply for recognition of prior learning. Please contact the school for more information on this.

This will vary depending on the course. Course kit fees are explained at the time of enrolment in all documentation. The materials in the kit will help get you started. Additional paints and paper are available for purchase at nearby art stores.  The paints that are used to mix your colours are called gouache paints, which are researched to provide the best quality brand to create the best colours.

Yes.  What we require you to do is complete our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and / or Credit Transfer process. This includes filling out a form to indicate that you have already met the competencies through the your studies.

The onus is on the student to present sufficient and accurate evidence to support their application showing they have the required skills and knowledge to meet the unit requirements through other education and work experience.

Credit transfer is the awarding of competency to a student as a result of their having successfully completed that Unit of Competency (or its equivalent) either with iscd or another Registered Training Organisation within the previous 5 years.

The Recognition of Prior Learning process allows students to be assessed against Units of Competency forming part of iscd’s accredited vocational qualifications. This assessment is based on other education and learning (formal and informal) and work experience. Where competency is awarded for a full subject, students will be exempt from studying or undertaking assessments in that subject.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges skills and knowledge obtained over the past 5 years through:

  • Informal training, undertaken in industry
  • Non-accredited formal training undertaken with educational providers either in Australia or overseas.
  • Formal training undertaken with education institutions overseas
  • Work experience
  • Life experience.

Students applying for RPL are required to gather evidence of competence against a module’s learning outcomes either presenting a portfolio of work. Evidence must show currency of skills and knowledge as well as relevance and equivalency.

Application forms for RPL / Credit Transfer are available from iscd and must be forwarded with certified copies of all supporting documentation (including current resume) at least two weeks prior to course commencement. A non-refundable fee of $100 will be charged for this assessment.

Course subjects are made up of clusters of interrelated Units of Competency. Successful RPL for any Unit of Competency will still require the completion of that subject, however, a 70% reduction of the fee for each successful unit will apply. If an entire subject is successfully RPL’d the subject will be reduced accordingly and completion of the assessment for that subject will not be required.




Essentially it means that the accredited courses delivered by iscd have been reviewed and granted approval by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).. That is, the School has met the specific requirements needed to deliver this course.

Further, the School is a registered training organisation. What this means for you is that you can be assured that you will be attending a quality institution that delivers quality, approved courses.

As a general rule the school has found that the students that want to get employed do so. The School does not promote a percentage of graduates that are successfully employed because many of our students study to further their current skill sets.

The School is often privy to exclusive positions within the industry before they are advertised in the newspapers or online – this is an example of our strong industry contacts. These positions are then displayed on our job board.

The belief at iscd is that everyone is creative. Our courses are designed to build your creative confidence, whether you are completing them on-campus or online.  For online students, you are provided with all the materials you need to work creatively out of the classroom. Some of our award winners are from our online students every year. With active online forums and great access to your educator studying online has never been more inclusive.


The courses delivered at iscd are respected and recognised within the design industry. The school seeks industry professionals as educators in the diploma year and many excursions and incursions occur to ensure that the curriculum is constantly related to the industry.

Further, all iscd diplomas are written in association with key industry consultants and updated on an annual basis. What this means for you is that you will be studying in a well recognised institution, your course is written and delivered by an industry professional and upon completion you will be an industry professional.

The Design Institute of Australia has recognised iscd as a quality provider and as such endorses our Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration.

At iscd, we understand you have life commitments outside of the school.  If you have to miss a class, it may be possible to join another class running in the same week if numbers permit.  Alternatively, your educator can provide you with a brief update and notes from the class.  One-on-one sessions with your educator can be organised at a cost of $100 per hour.

Absolutely! Drawing is all about practice and confidence and learning to see the world differently. We teach you all sorts of tips and tricks that will have you drawing with confidence in no time!