Cherie Karlsson

A little about me…..
After studying Visual Communications + Architecture and working as an artist in the fast paced fashion industry, by my early 20’s I was off and running with my own designer stationery and homewares business.

I had packed a lot in before children came a long, and with the pause in lifestyle I took on some extra studies at iscd – completing both the Certificate IV in Design and the Colour Design Diploma.

Little did I know that this was to put my career on a new course! After studying I was invited back to teach on campus at iscd in Sydney, and although my Colour, Design & Interiors business was growing very quickly with exciting Residential and Commercial projects, I continued to teaching at iscd for the next 9 years.

For me, teaching became my new passion. The reward of helping others to find their creativity, their hidden talents and most importantly their belief in themselves has become my proudest accomplishment to date. Now I am returning to iscd after 4 years living and teaching in Stockholm, Sweden. Being so immersed in Scandinavian life and culture has altered not only my own design sense but has given me fresh eyes with which to view the world.