Annika Oja

My journey to interior design has not been the most conventional, but after falling in love with how our environment can change lives for the better, I never looked back.

Creatively my journey started as a jeweller, from there I delved into the world of hairdressing and ran two successful businesses whilst training students at Victoria University. Having the knowledge and skills of training behind me, I wanted to do more and from there started teaching disengaged youth and running a multitude of life skills courses. It was in the midst of juggling work, motherhood and renovating that I discovered my passion for interior design.

Upon completion of my degree, I focused my attention on the interior design world and began consulting with my own clients and working with other established interior designers. I have since worked on high end projects showcased in editorials, continued to grow my personal business
and broadened my scope of work along the way.

It has been amazing to maintain my love and passion for teaching as an educator at iscd. Joining the online team is a privilege as I can share my knowledge of the industry and watch students flourish into amazing designers!