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NEW AGAIN collection includes four hand-tufted rugs referencing family memories and crafts handed down through generations. Today on the blog find out a bit about Petrina and she she created such an incredible collection.


Petrina Turner’s first rug collaboration with Designer Rugs is a full circle moment, perfectly fitting for someone who holds tightly to the places and people that have influenced her life. Petrina began her design career over 20 years ago in the design and production team at Designer Rugs, going on to become their senior designer. When she moved on to grow her interiors business she left with an invaluable wealth of experience and the support of her Designer Rugs family. Her passion for rugs did not end there though. Petrina has been creating bespoke rugs ever since that form the centrepiece for many of her projects.

What do you love about being an educator at iscd?


I love the sharing. I think the education goes both ways. I am able to pass on my extensive industry experience and knowledge, and the passion that comes with that. In return I love that I can experience that first flush of enthusiasm and yearning to know more from my students. And that sense of pride when they “get it”. I also love the collaborative nature of the ISCD family, that there is always someone on hand to share the challenges and joys of each day with.


What do you think is the most important skill students will pick up when studying at iscd?


There are so many, but I think one of the most important skills is the collaborative nature of their education. That they are exposed to amazing educators working right now in the industry and the school encourages constant collaboration within lessons. That students are encouraged to constantly share and discuss their work with each other. This is such an important skill as communication is key to the design industry. Through this communication all of the other really important education they receive will shine through.


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Tell us a bit about your business


Petrina Turner Design is a multi-passionate, multi-disciplinary practice. I am a designer, stylist, maker, educator, dreamer, do-er.

I have over twenty years experience in the industry, and cover a broad range of services including residential and commercial design and decoration, product design and styling. I have specialized in textile design, kitchen and bathroom design, and joinery. I love the variety in every day.


Can you tell us a bit about the collection?


My first rug collaboration with Designer Rugs NEW AGAIN is a full circle moment, perfectly fitting for someone who holds tightly to the places and people that have influenced my life. The collection blends historical reference with contemporary style, and bold colour palettes and textures.


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Where did you draw your inspiration from?

The NEW AGAIN rug collection was born out of my strong family ties, a long-held fascination with traditional crafts and a sense of nostalgia for bygone eras, and an interest in interpreting these into the modern world. Each design in the collection comes with a very personal story, two of which are named for my grandmas avis and Evelyn. In fact the date of the launch was really important as it was on the eve of my grandma Mavis’ 93rd birthday. She was super excited to hear that there was sponge cake with jam and cream, and sherry jellies served in her honour.


What was the design process like?


The design process really was wonderful. One aspect of my job that I love is that I build these great relationships with my clients and interpret their key “why” moments into the design of their space. Designing my own collection was fantastic as I was finally designing something that came directly from my own heart. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that anyone else would know the stories when I was designing the collection. I just knew I wanted to document the stories in some way. It’s so powerful to then release them into the universe and have other people connect so strongly with those stories and the designs that tell them.




What was it like working with Designer Rugs?


It is wonderful. I have a twenty two year history with Designer Rugs, they were my first employer out of design school. So it is really like working with family. We understand each other, how we work, how we see things, what each of our expectations are. That makes everything so much more fluid throughout the design process. Because I have worked in their design and production department I already knew what I wanted when I was designing each rug, but I was really relying on Christine (senior designer at Designer Rugs) to let me know what other options were available now and how far I could push boundaries. And I knew that I could trust Designer Rugs with their impeccable product and quality, and that they would take so much care with my stories.


What is the effect of adding a rug to a space?


Having such a long relationship with rugs I can’t imagine a space being complete without one. A rugs transformation of a space can be either subtle or a point of impact. It is a great element to tie everything together, or create a beautiful focal point or piece of art. It creates intimacy in an open plan room, provides great acoustic qualities, and creates warmth both physically and visibly. I could go on… And Designer Rugs has something to suit any situation.


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What are your top 3 tips for our students when designing products?

  • Know your product: research the market, how is the product made, who is the end user? You need to know the rules in order to be able to break them.
  • Take your time: Once it’s out there you can’t take it back. So follow the creative process laterally, explore all options, get feedback along the way from people you trust.
  • Most importantly Be Authentic: Find your own voice and people will respond to it.


What else is coming up in 2016 for you?

More sharing with students and peers at ISCD. More exciting collaborations in the works. More interiors projects for fabulous clients. More learning. More sharing the joys of life with family and friends.




Find out more about Petrina at:

instagram: @petrinaturnerdesign

facebook: petrinaturnerdesign

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