If you have previous experience in learning that could potentially be recognised through the Units of Competency (UoC) in our;

  • Certificate IV in Interior Decoration (MSF40118)
  • Diploma of Interior Design + Decoration (MSF50218)

You can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) please note there is a fee for this process which comes off your course fee should you be successful. Or alternatively for the Certificate IV in Design, you can apply for Prerequisite which will allow you to waive the Certificate IV in Design and go straight into an iscd Diploma

CONTACT US to request a Prerequisite or RPL Application Form



RPL is effectively stating that part of a full qualification has been previously attained through either academic studies or work experience. Therefore it is important that this process must assess portfolio or experience in the same way as through the method of training assessment.


How can you achieve RPL?

The RPL application form must be completed extensively, as the requirement set by the Australian Qualifications Framework (ASQA) is to rigorously assess each unit. This requires more than one example to demonstrate competency in that unit, if not through a Statement of Attainment.

A $100 non-refundable application fee is required to process your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application.

Course subjects are made up of clusters of interrelated Units of Competency. Successful RPL for any Unit of Competency will still require the completion of that subject, however, a 70% reduction of the fee for each successful unit will apply. If an entire subject is successfully RPL’d the subject will be reduced accordingly and completion of the assessment for that subject will not be required.

Applications are reviewed by the Academic Team. We need to be certain you can demonstrate the performance criteria required to acheive that full Unit of Competency. You will only be assessed on the information provide. Students will be advised in writing of the decision after the completed application has been reviewed. Units may be deemed unsuccessful if insufficient evidence is supplied or because supplied documentation did not demonstrate sufficient skill or knowledge to successfully achieve that Unit of Competency to the standard required for iscd to issue the qualification. Units of Competency are subject to change and as such an approved RPL or Credit Transfer is only valid at the time of assessment.


Have you completed all of Units of competency and want to waiver the Certificate IV in Design? 

At iscd, the Certificate IV in Design is the prerequisite for all of our Industry Diploma courses. We require you to demonstrate your knowledge of the foundation studies we explore, as the methods in which we teach them to receive a course waiver.

If you have completed the Certificate IV in Design elsewhere or feel you have already learnt the fundamentals of design through professional experience, the iscd Prerequisite process provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to ensure you will understand our learning methods in order to take on an Industry Diploma with us and get the maximum learning experience possible.




  • If you have been working in the industry or can supply supporting evidence of previous study for all Units of Competency in the Certificate IV in Design course or equivalent work experience that matches the course learning outcomes. Then you apply for prerequisite to go straight into an Industry Diploma in Colour Design, Surface Design or Styling.


  • If you have experience and or previously studied any of the Units of Competency detailed in the Certificate IV in Design, Certificate IV in Interior Decoration or Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration in the last 5 years, then you can apply for RPL for these units and continue on to finish the rest of the course with iscd.


  • Credit Transfer (CT) acknowledges where a student has undertaken formal study undertaken within the past 5 years which maps directly to, or is equivalent to, subjects delivered by iscd.
  • Application forms for CT are available from iscd and must be forwarded with certified copies of all supporting documentation (academic transcripts) at least two weeks prior to course commencement.
  • There are no fees attached to credit transfer applications.

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