iscd are leaders in colour and design education and have been for over 35 years. Our educators are practising design professionals and are available to help share this knowledge with your team.
As experts in colour, design, styling and more we can provide your team with the opportunity to be inspired and up-skill via our courses or we can create a customised workshop program for your team.
iscd has worked and continues to work with companies nationally, developing and executing training programs for their teams throughout Australia.

As leaders in colour + design, we can tailor a training program to suit your business, no matter the size, and ensure your team has the specialised skills needed to give you that edge over your competitors.

Talk to us today to find out how we can upskill, reskill or revitalise your team through education.

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"The flexibility of online study worked in with my busy day to day life and I continuously felt supported by the many wonderful educators. The course content was extensive as well as insightful and provided me with the ability to be well equipped to set up my own business and enter into the interior design industry".

Aimee O'Loughlin, iscd Graduate, Owner and Creative Director of Wood + Wild