What is a Stylist?

A stylist is a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, interiors etc. in a stylish and attractive way for photographs, films or display.

A stylist spends their days developing concepts, sourcing props, managing clients and finally styling the photoshoot, home, event or retail store.

How Can You Become a Stylist?

Our online Styling Essentials short course is designed to optimise your touchpoints and create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. This course is endorsed by the Home Beautiful editorial team, with inspiring, beautiful and course-relevant content from Home Beautiful magazine. Covering the latest in local and international design trends; practical case studies with lots of take-out ideas, and expert styling tips, tricks and advice.

Not Sure You Want to Take the Leap Yet?

These short courses and workshops offer you a step in the right direction:

Dani Butchart

Styling Graduate

Dani Butchart, iscd Styling graduate and creative director of Dani Butchart Creative Projects + Interiors has worked on some amazing and exciting creative projects over the past year. One of these was the Stoneleigh no.50 project where she transformed an abandoned heritage Sydney house into a wonder of nature to promote an interactive Stoneleigh wine tour.