What is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages interiors projects and includes conceptual development, communicating with your clients, builder and architect and the management and execution of the design.

At iscd, our interior design students learn to design residential and commercial spaces, develop concepts, colour schemes and soft furnishing plans, and to understand selections, spatial planning and more.

How Can You Become an Interior Designer?

The nationally accredited MSF50218 Diploma of Interior Design is the course if you are wanting to work as a residential and commercial interior designer. iscd’s Diploma of Interior Design is recognised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) as a quality interior design course. The diploma will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work as an interior designer for a firm or establish your own design business.

Not Sure You Want to Take the Leap Yet?

These short courses and workshops offer you a step in the right direction:

iscd Education Team

iscd Education Team

iscd has a great team of industry professionals who are passionate about teaching the next generation of designers. All highly qualified with active businesses in the industry, they bring strong industry connections and practical knowledge to inspire our students on their journey.

Whether you are seeking a career in design or just want to follow your passion and see where it goes iscd has a range of short and accredited courses to choose from.

We are big believers that the design industry has a space for anyone who is focused and honest. We really encourage our students to be themselves and bring their unique experiences to begin shaping their design style. The focus at iscd really is on you – we are passionate about colour and design and want to nurture your creativity by delivering quality education and authentic experiences to help you achieve your goals.