What is a Colour Designer?

It’s quite simple, but it’s not easy. In short, a colour designer or colour consultant specialises in the effects of colour and creates colour solutions for a client’s goals. Whether your client is wanting a colour solution for their home or office space, interior or exterior, logos or corporate branding – a colour designer will have the in-depth understanding to work in all fields.

How Can You Become a Colour Designer?

Our online Colour Essentials short course is designed to introduce you into the world of colour, to optimise your touchpoints and create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Learn about colour from the experts with this course designed alongside Haymes Paint.

Not Sure You Want to Take the Leap Yet?

These short courses and workshops offer you a step in the right direction:

Becky Stanley

Colour Design Graduate

“Before coming to iscd, I’d been a florist for 25 years and was stuck in a bit of a career and life rut. I was looking for something else and went to the open days of a couple of colleges. iscd just stood out a mile; I felt really comfortable and the teachers resonated with me. The atmosphere of the school really nailed it for me.

I started getting work halfway through the certificate course – I was assisting on photoshoots for magazines and absolutely loved it. The course really opened my eyes to all the different creative avenues you can choose to go down.

I run my own company, Beautiful Interiors, and work as a colour consultant and prop stylist for television.

The most important part of my experience was the teachers, they were amazing. Really down-to-earth and encouraging. They were realistic about the future, too.

I used to be petrified of change, of taking a chance. The thing I got most out of iscd beside confidence was the belief that my creativity can be used in so many different areas.”