What’s it like to study on campus at iscd?

Posted by rachel on February 18

With our first on campus intake of the year coming up next month (March 18th) we recently caught up with Education Manager, Daina Jamieson, to talk about what it’s like to study on campus with us and about our Diploma.


What is your background and what do you do at iscd?

My background is in Architecture and I’m the On Campus Education Manager here. I look after the students, educators and teach classes.


What is the student experience like studying on campus at iscd?

Studying on campus at iscd is all about community. Our teachers work in the industry and are a great source of knowledge and current practice.  Your classmates become your support network while you’re at school and then fantastic connections as you move into the design industry.  Our teaching style is really ‘hands on’. We start with foundation skills and then show you the processes you will continue to use as you move into your design career.


What are the key skills the course focuses on teaching iscd students?

We focus on giving you practical skills.  The projects students complete are designed to teach you how to find the information you will need in the real world.  We happily share our knowledge and experience with our students but it is important to us that you leave here being able to practice self sufficiently.


What software programs are they taught?

You will be introduced to the Adobe suite focusing on InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.  You will also learn SketchUp and AutoCAD.


What is your favourite brief in the course and what do the students have to do to complete the assessment?

That’s difficult!  I love lots of the briefs.  I guess my favourites are the final briefs for a Residential and Commercial project.  I love seeing how much students have grown through their studies at iscd and the level of design is so amazing at this stage.  Many students come feeling they can’t draw or are tentative with colour and by the end pull together beautiful polished schemes.  I love it!


What are the other educators like and what is there experience?

Our educators are all super approachable and are here because they love teaching and design.  They are generous with their knowledge and are all interested in seeing students succeed. Educators have varying experience and as our course is split in to a series of subjects we focus on matching the educator with the content for that class.   


How much homework is there during the course?

This is a really interesting question as students all come to us with different experience.  You can expect to at least spend the same amount of time at home on your work as you do in class probably a little more.  Students often spend more time on their work because they are interested in design and improving their skills.

How do you support your graduates with work opportunities and connecting with the industry?

We are proud to work with leading industry associations and companies who offer added benefits and opportunities to our students and graduates.
Throughout our school year we hold various events for the iscd community and beyond. These include annual trend seminars, design events and presentations with expert designers. This year we have new and exciting events coming up, one of them being Connect. Connect is going to be an annual event launching this year in both Melbourne and Sydney exclusive to all iscd graduates and alumni. An event focused on connecting them with industry through product exhibitions, guest speakers, career opportunities and a live Q&A panel with some of Australia’s leading designers.

And finally, what do you find students go on to do after graduating?

Students go into varying things.  Some work in retail so paint or tile shops, some work for Interior Design Practices, some start their own business, some work for builders as the designer, some students go into museum and event designing…there are really lots of options, it depends on where you want to go with your career.


To find out more about studying with us, contact one of our friendly course advisors today or book into our next Information Session here.

On campus intake in Sydney March 18th 2019 and online intakes every month.


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