The online learning world

Posted by rachel on September 26

It is expected that the e-learning market is set to be worth over $200b (USD) by 2024 (

Whilst the traditional classroom experience will always have it’s positives, online learning is a study mode that will be more accessible to a wider audience due to its flexible study benefits.

iscd is always working hard with leading industry partners to meet the demand and to produce the highest level of design education. Ensuring our students gain the correct and most relevant skills that meet the current industry needs. 

“Competition in the online learning space has really proliferated in the past few years to catch up with the rise in demand from students. I think we’ll see more flexibility demanded by students which will fuel even more mobile learning as people juggle work, study, and leisure. For us, this will require a more ‘mobile first’ approach to course design. Micro credentials is also a hot space and one which we are keeping a close eye on. The really exciting part is, there is a lot of innovation happening and that will only continue to improve our student outcomes.” 

Ronan Mason, Head of School

The idea of online learning can be quite daunting for some. “How will I stay motivated? What happens if I need help? I’ll find it too lonely.” 

With the rapid growth of the e-learning world over the past few years, education facilities have had no choice but to grow with it too. Meaning the fears and concerns that people had have been addressed and solved. Many e-learning platforms have developed a user friendly interface and an online environment that ensure students are getting the same (some may argue better) experience to the traditional face to face learning. 

What was once seen as a negative of an online classroom has now turned into a positive; study calendars to keep you motivated and on track with your deadlines, dedicated educators that are online 5 days a week and a number of student discussion boards for you to use to connect with, inspire and help out fellow classmates. 

“I was concerned that there would be little or no interaction with the teachers and other students through an online course. I was also concerned that the lessons may be unclear, requiring assistance from teachers outside of regular hours. It’s turned out that I didn’t need to worry – the lessons are straight forward; there is plenty of interaction with teachers and students through uploading activities to discussion boards; and I don’t feel alone in the program at all! It is very well organised.”

– Jenifer Chaput, iscd online graduate

Online learning is a fast growing industry with a large demand from students all over the world. Whilst design could be seen as a more difficult subject to teach online, iscd is always working hard to ensure their courses are interactive, inclusive and full of all the correct information and lessons needed to enable their students to thrive in the industry upon graduation.

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