Student story: Nick Counsell

Posted by rachel on August 27

Nick is currently studying the online Diploma with iscd. He recently completed some work experience with a styling company in Noosa. We caught up with him to discuss his experience; he tells us about the sorts of things he got to work on and why he recommends undertaking an industry placement whilst studying.

“Completing my work experience with Blink Living was everything I expected and more… it gave me a great insight into what’s to come for me and my future career path. You get to see everything that happens behind the scenes of the projects as well as the finished product and this is what I enjoyed most, seeing all stages and the results.

I would 100% recommend anyone studying interior design online to complete work experience at some stage during the course as you get to work alongside professionals in the industry. Doing work experience at an interior design studio gives you a practical and hands-on experience and can help you better understand things.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far from my experience is to have attention to detail as it is important to spot or find things that could cause an issue or be a problem in the future. An example of this I’ve encountered is when making up bedding packs to check the bedding for stains, discolouration or creases as this could be a deal-breaker in the design process. If you have a keen eye for design and strong attention for detail you will be successful.”

Nick had the opportunity to experience a range of different jobs including; arranging and displaying décor pieces, removing furniture from a styled house that had been sold and also creating his own visuals for a design space which he has shared with us.

“I also had the opportunity to assist a small install of some outdoor pool umbrellas for a client, which I enjoyed because it gave me a small insight on how to approach and speak with your clients and ensure they are happy with the service you are providing.”


How are you finding your studies with iscd so far?

I love studying the diploma at iscd. From day one I’ve found that everything is set out in a simple yet professional format which makes it easy as you are beginning your design journey which can be daunting.

Every subject is very educational, and iscd have made it easy for you to understand and learn. I love all the practical activities because they get you to input everything you’ve just learned in the chapter into play and this makes it easy and fun. The assessments are great because everything is explained in great depth and the criteria sheets are amazing as they tell you what’s expected and how to provide it in the assignments. People don’t believe me when I tell them that I’m excited to study, but if you love something and have a passion for it then you’ll enjoy it! 

How are your trainers?

The online trainers are brilliant as they all have a background in design whether it is interior or architectural design. Which is fabulous because they direct you down the right path, can assist you with your work and they give you tips and knowledge that they have experienced or learned along the way.  

If you are thinking about studying interior design, just do it! There is so much more to interior design than placing furniture in a room which is what most people think being an interior designer is. You learn about the elements and principles of design and how to implement them in a design, the history of colours and how they came about, the mixing of colours and how colours compliment each other, you learn about drafting the floorplans, elevations, and sections of a project, hand rendering and how to draw them in an interior design style, how to create rendered images of homes and interiors, the history of design and the design styles as well as spatial design. These are just some of the subjects that you will learn from one semester in interior design. When studying interior design, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


How are you finding online study?

I’m enjoying studying online as it allows me to continue my day job as well as study for my future career. Studying online has its pros and cons as everything does in life but studying online with iscd the pros outweigh the cons which make for a fun and educational journey. Everything in the online portal is formatted in a professional and simple layout. When studying online you may think you will miss out on the networking aspect of the classroom, but iscd has a great system called the discussions board where each practical activity we do all the students post to the board where we can share ideas, comment on each other’s work and work alongside each other which I think is great. When you study something you have a passion for you don’t need motivation, you simply just enjoy it and love working your way through the course. 


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