Inspiring Use of Colour From Interiors Around the World

Posted by rachel on March 13

We’ve taken a look at some stunning use of colour within interiors from around the world. Take a look at what we have found below…




Space by: Van Staeyen

Being bold with colour is not everyone’s thing but here we see this slightly chroma reduced teal used as a clear separation point. The undertones of the colour blend well with the tones in the wood flooring and the stone bench, while the warm white cabinetry adds a cleanliness and contrast point to the pallet. Earthy textures also plays an important role in this space contrasting the smooth coloured areas to add interest. With kitchens a high traffic area of a house we are not sure how easy it will be to keep the floor from scuffing over time but we love the bold, playfulness of this space.




Space by: Biasol

Grind is an all day venue in Greenwich London by Biasol and the space uses colour brilliantly! The chroma reduced shades of teal, pink work beautifully with a consistent grey to create beautiful vignettes which ever way you face. The use of colour on the old brickwork adds depth as highlights and shadows in the groves further enhances the architectural period of the building. The material selection is balanced well, blending smooth marble with corrugated panels, rustic brick and textured fabric seating. The space comes together as inviting and sophisticated.



Space by: Balbek Bureau and Leckie Studio

Yellow image: a simple punch of canary yellow really ignites this otherwise minimal zone in Grammarly’s office space in Kiev, Ukraine. The intense hue draws attention to the recognizable, homely shape adding comfort and warmth in a playful way to the work area.

Likewise, the pea green of the snooze area in Slacks office space in Vancouver aids as a visual key and offers a blanket of calm whilst communicating health and well-being.




Space by: Grzywinski + Pons

Whitworth Locke is a 160 room hotel with a bar, cafe, lounge and co-working space. The former 19th century masonry buildings were a textile warehouses is now a beautiful fusion of old meets new. This interior makeover by Grzywinski + Pons combines earthy greens with bright yellows and strong greys seamlessly while maintaining the architectural period of the building.



Space by: MIM Design

In keeping with recent colour trends with green blue hues here we see a sultry and seductive teal with ocean blue by MIM Design at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast. These rich colours have been used on a variety of surfaces from carpet to chairs and even strong stone finishes.

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