Negin Maddock

I was a Biomedical Engineer. I studied Mechanical Engineering at university followed by a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I worked in research and development roles after my PhD. The last company I worked for was Cochlear (who develop the bionic ear); my role involved concept development and viability assessment of new materials and technologies for the implant. I come from an extremely technical background, but it was in fact super creative, constantly requiring lateral thinking.
I have always loved creating/making things, for me it’s the process rather than the end point. I have in my mind what I want to achieve, and it’s all about the challenge of making the reality 100% of what’s in my head.
It sounds cliche, but my inspiration comes from nature of course! Even though I am quite rigid in my style and methodology of working, I like to illustrate inorganic natural objects. I love studying a subject, whether it’s a bird or a leaf. I tend to want to know everything about it. I’m not a fan of illustrating straight lines/inanimate man made objects, I think years working as an engineer has turned me off that!
My typical work days are extremely varied since I work from home and have a 6 and 4 year old. I work around school drop-offs/pick-ups, errands, laundry etc. I always spend a large part of daylight hours completing administration tasks, like emails, marketing plans, packaging orders, sending out orders etc. My most creative tasks are completed at night after the kids are in bed; that’s when I knuckle down and focus on painting or drawing.
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