Free Digital Marketing Courses to Boost Your Skills and Business

Posted by rachel on August 20

With the design world being such a big industry it’s so important to stand out from the rest. Your work and Social Media could be amazing but how do you get it noticed? That’s where Digital Marketing comes in. Digital Marketing allows your business to reach more potential customers and clients by targeting the correct people in the correct locations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Digital Marketing, our partner school Left Bank, are offering free online Digital Marketing short courses to give you a taster of the subject before deciding whether you want to study it further. 

If you enjoy the free course Left Bank have a range of Digital Marketing courses that could give you the skills to help improve revenue for your business and design services. 

Who is Left Bank?

Left Bank is a specialist provider of Digital Marketing courses with a 97% student satisfaction rate. The school focuses on preparing students to step out into the industry with more than just a qualification.

Left Bank ensures tomorrow’s Digital Marketing experts learn from the best, and master all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Left Bank has a range of FREE online 6-hour Digital Marketing short courses that you can complete in your own time.


What’s on offer?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Understand how the Marketing mix has changed with the rise of the digital landscape.

This course will provide you with an overview of basic marketing concepts and an introduction to Digital Marketing. 



Content Marketing

Content marketing is used by brands and businesses all over the world, from global brands like Red Bull to your local Hairdresser. It can be argued that all marketing these days is considered some form of content marketing. 

This course will give you an overview of what Content Marketing is, the types of Content Marketing, the history of Content Marketing, techniques for developing content and ways to promote it.



Email Marketing

In this course, you’ll learn what Email Marketing is, the evolution of email as a marketing tool and the various types of email marketing campaigns. 

You’ll be introduced to a range of Email Marketing tools and learn what metrics to look at when measuring the success of your email marketing campaigns


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