Four winter interior tips that embrace sustainability

Posted by rachel on July 9

Sustainability is the talk of this years trends more than ever. So how can we transition our interiors for the winter season keeping sustainability in mind? 


  1. A fresh coat of paint

Giving your living areas or bedroom a new coat of paint is a great way to create a more warm and cosy feel especially if you are brave enough to embrace colour. Go with a warm earthy tone or a dark bold colour in the space. Choosing an eco friendly paint is getting easier these days with many companies taking the correct steps to become more and more sustainable. 

“Painting your woodwork, dado rails and doors the same colour as your walls gives your space a contemporary look. It’ll also give your space the feeling of more space, despite the dark shade.” – Dulux

Colour: Dulux Wild Blackberry

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  1. Layer up

With textures and patterns! A great way to add warmth to your home over the cooler months. Bringing in a big rug, some extra cushions and throws or some new dark curtains is the perfect way to create a cosy feel that isn’t as permanent. Layering textures and patterns creates more depth in a space and there is nothing better than cosying up on a sofa filled with soft cushions and huge throws in the evenings! Investing in good quality products mean they will last longer and you can bring them out next season too, preventing unnecessary waste. Many accessories are now made from recycled materials or sustainable farms so don’t be afraid to ask how products have been made.

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  1. Mood Lighting

Creating the perfect lighting is probably one of the best ways to set the mood you of a room. You can do this with candles, lamps or by having dimmer lights in your home. In winter we tend to want to cosy up in a darker moodier setting so candles and lamps are a great way to create this. 

“You want organic and eco-friendly candles with cotton or wood wicks made from natural, vegetable ingredients like coconut wax, rapeseed wax, beeswax or soy wax.” – makeitlast

Swapping to LED light bulbs is a great idea due to the bulbs using up to 90% less energy than other bulbs. You can also get amazing LED fairy lights which are a perfect addition to any cosy interior!

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  1. Create the feeling of ‘hygge’

Hygge is a Danish word, which means an acknowledgement of a feeling or a moment that is cosy, charming or special. Rather than adding decorations or changing the design of a room to adopt the feeling of hygge, surround yourself with things or people that make you feel cosy and comfortable!

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