Lisa Koehler

There’s something really special about being part of iscd and sharing your love for the creative industry with students who want to be a part of it. Unless you’re a creative person, I don’t think you understand how much an important part of the world colour and design is.

My background is in interior design, but I’ve also worked as a visual merchandiser. I dabbled in floristry for a while, too, and in events. After I had my first baby, I decided I wanted to be an interior decorator again.

A few years later I was lucky enough to fall into a position at iscd; I think teaching kind of found me. The students we have at iscd really want to be here and are committed to being creative. So many of them already have successful careers but have taken this leap of faith to start something new. Our job is to create a nurturing environment for them and make iscd an experience they enjoy.

There is plenty of opportunity through the interior styling course to make industry contacts, too. Students’ work is seen by people in the industry and they can leave confident knowing industry will be happy to take them on because they’ve been to iscd and the school has such a good reputation.