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Posted by iscd@admin on May 20

Today we chat with italian trained architect, designer and iscd educator Sonia Audoly. She has worked as a lifestyle, art, design and fashion editor at Elle Decor, Elle Italy and Vogue and is keen to share her knowledge of trends and styles at our upcoming Milan Design Week review. Find out more about Sonia and her tips on staying ahead below:

What is your background? How did you get into the industry?


I studied architecture and I have been working as a lifestyle interior journalist and stylist for a long time. Creating, imagining, searching, building, always finding inspiration and discovering new beautiful ideas: it fills me with joy! Since I was little. So this career is part of me and comes naturally. It has always been a passion more then a profession. 

What does a normal day look like for you?

Oh, normal? Looks like being on a theatre set, with ever-changing character. I wear a lot of different hats in a day. 

In no specific order: mother, chef, designer, photographer, educator, creative, writer, social media (P plate for this), journalist. Always with a lot of fun and never renouncing to my bare feet walk along the beach.


Kartell Range of kids furniture


What do you love most about teaching at iscd?

I love the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with others. To connect with the students. To stimulate them. To see them blossom. To exchange ideas. And yes, to learn from them. 

Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming Milan Report for iscd?

Come along, and you will be able to hear all about it!

It will be a selection of favourite places, designers, products. A virtual overview of the fantastic atmosphere of this incredible Design Event that takes place in Milano. Milano is part of me, it is the city I love and grew up in.

What do you love about Milan Design Week?

The Milano Design Week is an incredible and unique week. You breath creativity. It’s busy, it’s fun, it’s culturally stimulating, it’s unexpected, it’s messy, it’s intelligent, it’s multicultural, it’s 1000% creative. I love it, but beware its tiring! 


JapJapJap trend at Milan Design Week

What were you top 3 favourite new trends to come out of Milan Design week this year?


Parallel worlds. Heritage listed secret interiors and architectures + modern design.

Jap Jap Jap.

Kids design furniture.

….and more.

What are your three favourite blogs?,  curated by the guru creative thinker Li Edelkoort. Extra innovative.,  food for thought. Philosopher Alain de Botton teaches how to develop emotional intelligence through the help of culture. and third place equal, a bit of Italy a bit of Australia, well compiled and researched design updates.

Where do you draw inspiration?


Everything. Cinema, art, nature, theatre, fashion. And of course design and architecture. Is important to use your eyes to see in depth, behind just the appearance. There is inspiration in everything. 

parallerl worlds nendo

Parallel Worlds trend at Milan Design Week


Do you have any tips for students trying to stay on top of the upcoming trends and styles in the industry?


Be curious.

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