iscd Graduate Launches New Business, Styl Studio

Posted by Emma Woodward on October 24 2022

  Michal Goodman is a busy mum to three girls and one boisterous little boy, a self-proclaimed interior renovation addict and a colour designer and curator at Styl Studio, the interiors business she launched in September 2022.  Michal is committed to empowering individuals to take creative control of their building

iscd alumni’s award winning design studio

Posted by rachel on June 30 2019

Following our recent Connect event in Sydney, we caught up with the lovely Tameka Moffat, an iscd alumni who is now running her own successful design studio in Sydney. Tameka shared her top 3 tips for running a successful design business and talked to us about her highlights in the

iscd student volunteering experience at Denfair

Posted by iscd@admin on June 28 2018

Last month two of our Melbourne students, Kathryn Brentwood and Bianca Huon got the chance to volunteer at the Denfair Design Show with the DIA (Design Institute of Australia). We caught up with one of the students, Kathryn Brentwood about her experience and the key learnings from the event. Kathryn

Taubmans Recent Colour Installation X Sugar Republic

Posted by rachel on March 13 2019

It is widely known that colour can have a large effect on a person’s mood and emotions. Taubmans, in conjunction with a group of psychologists and neuroscientists from Liminal VR and The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health conducted a study that confirmed this to be true. The study

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