A Designers Christmas

Posted by iscd@admin on December 5

As a design school we love any excuse to decorate an interior. Whether it be with a splash of colour, seasonal ornaments or soft furnishings, we can’t get enough of it! Christmas is a season you can now decorate to fit any interior style, especially with what’s on offer in stores and online today!

Here are our top picks for beautiful Christmas decorations.

First things first, we’ll start with one of the most traditional Christmas decorations… the tree! The Christmas tree tradition originally came from Germany in the 18th century and was usually a pine or evergreen tree decorated with baubles and lights. Like most things in the world, Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorating has evolved. Over recent years we’ve seen people getting creative with not only decorating their trees but also thinking outside the box on what to use for a tree. From ladders to hanging herbs, these faux Christmas ‘trees’ will definitely turn heads!


Image 1: umbrinco.com

Image 2: i.pinimg.com

Image 3&4: domino.com

Image 5: kararosenlund.com

Image 6: elledecor.com


Christmas wreaths are also a traditional decoration that has evolved over time. Originally created from evergreens as they are green all year round. Today, wreaths can be created from pretty much anything; baubles, paper, chocolates, metal… the list is endless. They are a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorating for inside or out.

Image 1: sostrenegrene.com

Image 2: erikarax.com

Image 3: shadesofblueinteriors.com

Image 4: myscandinavianhome.com


And finally, some general Christmas styling for you. From stockings to able settings to gift wrapping; whether you like minimal or traditional, there are plenty of ideas for you to take inspiration from this year. Enjoy and be merry!

Image 1: themerrythought.com

Image 2: fun365.orientaltrading.com

Image 3: kukumag.com

Image 4:  myscandinavianhome.com

Image 5: housedoctor.dk

Image 6: littlescandinavian.com

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