A Celebration Of Our Students & Graduates 2018

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One word to describe your journey at iscd: IDEA (made up word- “IDEACOASTER’)

The thing I have enjoyed most about my time with iscd is being able feed off other students and teachers about the passion, inspiration, experience through design! If you are looking to staying design… Do it! You don’t realise how creative your mind is until you live and breathe it!

Design Methods – Bedroom Model Assignment:

The space that I have created is a bedroom that was suitable for my ambient cork pendant. My vision was to reuse materials around my house and any off cut pieces that would assist to create this simple feel. 

Applied Colour – Postwar homes (Contemporary colour application):

Enjoyed researching on Postwar homes and we were required to showcase a contemporary exterior colour application. I applied three natural, inviting and classic colours to bring a nice, soft contemporary feel to this postwar home. 





One word to describe your journey at iscd: Exciting!

The thing I have enjoyed the most about my time with iscd is definitely meeting all the wonderful like-minded people. Most of the students who study with me have been working in their industry for 15 plus years and they are yearning for a change. We’re all looking for a career change and it’s exciting to be on this journey together.

The beauty of studying any design course is that it can lead to so many new hobbies or careers. I’ve studied so many courses at iscd over the past 15 years from a Diploma in Colour & Design, Diploma in Surface Design, to Mixed Media and short courses in Styling, now I’m studying the Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration and I love it! Doing these courses have helped me have more range and skills in my current career as an Art Director.

DESIGN PROCESS – Hallway design and sculpture:

We were given an object during class and we had to design a sculpture based around that object. We then had to create an interior space where this sculpture fitted. 

DESIGN PRINCIPLES – Interior Light & Model Design:

This brief was a massive challenge. We had to come up with a unique design for a light, build a prototype of it, then design a model of a space that incorporated the light design, phew, it was a lot!  I loved building my model to scale and creating all the miniature pieces for it.


This assignment got us to bring together all the skills we have accumulated over the past year. From choosing paint colours and picking out fabrics to perspective drawing, drafting and design processes. It was great seeing all the skills I’ve learnt come together.



My journey at iscd began about 19-20 yrs ago as I had previously studied at a vocational level, I always had and interest in art and design but never thought I could consider it as a career. But along the way there were always signs pointing me in that direction particularly in the last few years which eventually led me back to iscd. One word to describe my journey at iscd would be a “reawakening”of my creative senses, this is partly due to the inspirational teachers.

What I have enjoyed most so far would be the teachers they are a great source of knowledge, information and inspiration that inspire you to create and think outside of the box.

Anyone wanting to study design please do it, particularly if there are signs in your life that point you in that direction. If you are interested and inspired to create things do not hesitate as design has no limits.   



This course has well exceeded my expectations to date. Reflecting on my first year at iscd, I am amazed at how much I have learned and how passionate I have become about interior design.

My teachers have been a wonderful sounding board for my studies and are approachable and inspiring. My peers are my rock and I appreciate the support and friendships I have acquired since beginning. Speaking to like minded students and lecturers, who’s level of skill and life experience is rich and vast has helped me beyond measure. Starting this course would certainly be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Boutique Hotel:

Part 1 of this project was to research a cultural style. I choose ‘Hamptons’. Part 2 was to create a contemporary colour palette for an Australian hotel foyer and apply it to the space.

Conceptualisation & Design Development:

Conceptualise and brainstorm a product using several conceptualisation techniques. Introduce this into a suitable environment and render the illustration. Show details of the product specifications.



One word to best describe your journey at iscd: Accomplishment

I have enjoyed the community at iscd that have nurtured and guided me through my Certificate IV and also my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I have enjoyed my fellow students who I have bonded with throughout my time. They have become special friends where we will catch up after our time is up.

The team at iscd really helped me through; they completely understood and guided me. I would recommend anyone to study at iscd.

If you are thinking about studying design – do it. A very rewarding path to take. A lot of my fellow students were all of the same mind set and situation as me. All of us coming from a completely different background but wanting to delve into that design world.

Designer Identity :

The name of this assignment says it all… I think when creating these boards which is basically all about me and the path I would like to basically take toward clientele and services; when doing this assignment it confirmed my Identity as a Designer and how I see myself.

Australian Concept Boards – This assignment was one I did when studying Cert IV – applied Colour. I love the world of colour so I loved this one.





One word I would use to describe my journey at iscd is Opportunity.

I’ve loved the opportunity to study alongside the amazing students in my class, the opportunity to learn from the talented industry professionals who teach our subjects, the opportunity to study on campus on Saturdays (iscd was the only course that offered me this flexibility), the opportunity to re-direct my career in a new direction and the opportunity to come away with not only a Diploma qualification, but also the knowledge and preparation to commence my own business.

I looked into interior design courses for a few years before I finally enrolled at iscd. My advice if you are thinking about studying design is just go for it. There’s a quote I came across at the start of my course that I think captures it well:

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” – Art Williams


54 North developed the creative concept and detailed spatial planning for reconfiguring the ground floor of this mid-century home. The owners wanted to ensure the end result would work for their growing family for at least the next ten years, whilst at the same time retaining key architectural features from the original home. 

’54 North – Darling’ Jpeg Description


54 North were asked to provide a styling recommendation for a 2-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s Balmain that would optimise the appeal of the open plan living and dining space for prospective buyers. 




One word to describe my journey – WOW

I loved my time with iscd. I’ve met some amazing people, some who will be lifelong friends. The educators have a pool of knowledge and have taken us to visit many showrooms, introducing us to suppliers and going above and beyond helping and encouraging us along the way.


Working to a client brief, we had to redesign spaces to better suit the clients way of life. Communicating through visuals, plans, elevations and perspective drawings and combining this on a concept board.




One word to describe my journey at iscd, would have to be, thought-provoking.

My journey at iscd started with the ‘Colour 101’ short course. This inspired me to enrol in the Certificate IV in Design which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m currently studying the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. This course has taught me that design is so much more than I envisaged. It’s about understanding how everything fits together and overlaps, including who you are as a designer, architectural history, environmental impacts and sustainability. Design is also about the human and their response to space(s), the function, flow and feel of a space, the appreciation of colour and its impact, conceptual analysis, really listening to a client and ascertaining what they want to achieve. Overall, understanding that beautiful spaces are created through planning, consideration, exploration and education.

Visual Merchandising:

The visual merchandising assessment saw me design a window display for my chosen retailer, Mecca Cosmetica, with an emphasis on Nars lipsticks. Thorough research and conceptual analysis of the brand was vital as it gave me insight and understanding of my target audience. 

Architectural History/Inter Restoration Assessment:

As part of the Architectural History/Interior Restoration Assessment, students were requested to find a decoration/restoration interior solution for a period home. The client brief was to return the home to its former glory. In my enthusiasm I decided to also include a conservation, preservation and restoration solution for the exterior of the Edwardian solid brick home that I was working on. This included re-instating various historical features including the wooden verandah fretwork, straight wooden frieze, turned verandah posts, the awning to protect the west facing window, and re-rendering the entry stairs.




I would describe my journey at iscd as “Rewarding

I have enjoyed connecting with other students who have similar interests. For anyone thinking of studying at iscd, I say “go for it, allow time to study, balance life and tune into your creative side”

Brand Board: Created in subject 8 Design industry Practices. 

Product in Space: Model of bedroom created 1:20 scale featuring light pendant “mixed bubbles”



My Journey at iscd I would describe as ‘Rewarding’.

I have enjoyed challenging myself to learn as much as possible about the Interior Design industry and sharing the journey with like-minded, wonderful classmates and educators.

Studying design has been an amazing journey and one I intend to keep pursuing and hopefully build upon the skills I have learned during my time at iscd.

Residential 1 Assignment – The Victorian Terrace Kitchen & Bedroom images:

This was a decoration only project, so the walls and joinery were to remain intact and only the ‘dressing’ of the room was to be done- such as cupboard doors, lighting, colour palette and so forth.





One word to describe your journey at iscd? ENLIGHTENING

What I have enjoyed the most about course is all those moments when you learn the reason behind why a scheme works or a colour doesn’t. Learning new skills and revisiting old ones from childhood, ie drawing in perspective.

Design is very grounding as it makes you think about the human and how they interact with their environment. It opens up your eyes to how design can impact how people feel and that is very empowering as a designer. You are able to make people feel better in their spaces.

Residential Interiors  2:

This final project was very satisfying as it bought all the skiils we have learnt over the past 2 year together. I am very proud of the concept and scheme I have created for the Duncan’s and they are extremely happy with how the project is progressing.


This styling project was a lot of fun. The brief was to style a unit for sale. The unit was in the newly renovated Lacey street complex in Surry Hills. We were to look at spatial planning for a client that we chose and furnish the unit from minimal suppliers, thus creating a scenario similar to a styling business.




One word to describe your journey at iscd:  INSIGHTFUL.

I really enjoyed meeting others that share the same ideas and passion for Interiors, learning as a group and having the opportunity to have an insight to real life of Interiors through the excursions.

I have also included some of the work I have done as a freelance Interior Designer since completing my course.

Commercial Interiors:

I loved creating this concept for my chosen brand AVEDA. It was based on the brand ethos of organic botanicals, recycling, repurposing, and earth friendly options. My idea and materials board represented the earthy look  and emphasising the sense journey through textural elements by applying wooden features, a rammed earth wall, terrazzo finishes and greenery through wallpaper.

Brand Identity & Recent Freelance work since completing my course:

Creating my own brand identity was a very enjoyable subject for me as it made the dream to be an Interior Designer more realistic. It made me think of it as a business, come up with a concept and design idea for the look of my brand. Having an amazing lovely teacher made it so much more pleasing as well. Thanks Gabby.




I came from an architectural background, but interior design and decoration always was something I was passionate about. I believe that interiors spaces can transform realities into exciting spaces and potentialize the best feelings.

At iscd, I learnt the power of the colours and how their proportion can change the whole composition. It is a great pleasure to study with all these educators that always share their own experience with us and prepare ourselves to the market.


This was an amazing opportunity to start our hospitality designs choosing a contemporary color scheme.



It started as an exercise, but why not even as a student, start to apply colors in real life? My family is renovating their apartment and I took advantage of this opportunity to help them to select their color scheme for my parents and sister rooms.



My word for the iscd journey is: Breathtaking.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at doing a course, but knew that an important element was to be able to express your thoughts and ideas via drawing – and there was the thing.  I can’t draw!! Or so I thought. iscd showed me that there is no barriers, and no such thing as ‘I can’t’. Yes my drawings are not perfect, but they are expressions of my ideas and it works.  I have learnt so much through my journey with iscd. The good, the bad and the ugly – all seem to merge into this wonderful journey of discovery. Now coming to the end, I will walk away with a knowledge that I can expand further on. A confidence that I am capable of achieving what I thought was unachievable. The support of new friends – both colleagues and teachers – that will forever push me forward. Now I can draw on my learnings and involve them into our business, South Pacific Health Clubs, by overseeing new gym fit outs and the constant renovations of our existing chain of  clubs. A new chapter awaits.

Design Methods – Product in Space:

Creating this room gave me the ability to see and create an office space as also a space for art and personal expressions. Finding and crafting the little pieces of furniture and accessories used was great fun – brought me right back to when I was little.

Hard Finishes – Joinery:

We needed to create a piece of Joinery.  I used a space in one of our clubs where we needed seating to allow presentations to potential members. After lots of sketching and researching in both materials and staff needs, I came up with a design that incorporated three individual seats for people to sit comfortably, with a ‘swirl’ headpiece that anchored the piece to the floor.



One word to describe my journey at iscd: Satisfying

Lately I have loved working on putting together harmonious colour palettes and collages, which also helps you develop your own design aesthetic. The drawing aspects of the course were quite daunting in the beginning, but quickly became my favourite part. Its amazing to discover that you’re capable of something that you thought was not in the realm of your abilities.

If you’re drawn to design, but you’re not sure about your ability, I’d say trust your instincts. If you’re open to it, you’ll develop creative and technical design skills very organically, as you’re guided through the course via the online learning platform, and the dedicated educators.







My decision to study part time with iscd has been infinitely rewarding and a challenge that I have loved. The course has allowed me to immerse myself in creativity with like minded people with whom I have formed incredible friendships that will last a lifetime. This last two years has inspired me to move forward with creating my own design business and shown me that a passion can become a career with a lot of hard work and a little self belief.

The one word I would use to describe my journey at iscd is gratifying.

If you are thinking about studying design then I would say do it! The most rewarding part of this journey for me has been challenging my own preconceptions of what I am capable of and the sense of achievement is indescribable.

Temple and Webster Editorial Brief:

Styling is my favourite part of the design process so the opportunity to style a product for Temple and Webster was an exciting one for me. In this editorial we were asked to follow an editorial brief in keeping with Temple and Websters aesthetic and it was by far one of the most enjoyable challenges for me.

Lighting Model In Space:

Whilst initially a little daunting this assessment turned out to be so much fun. Our brief involved designing a functioning light for a space and then building the room for which it was to be featured. My light was made from a pine cone and the room themed around some wallpaper I had purchased for my daughters room.



One word to describe your journey at iscd: Enriching

I enjoyed the in situ real-life nature of our assignments and the professional feedbacks of our educators who all work in the industry. These assessments prepared me to understand how to operate as a designer in the real world.

Unlike a math question where there is only one answer, designing is about finding the best solution in a given time. There is never an exact right or wrong answer. Sometimes it may take hours just to adjust the angle of a chair for that perfect photograph. My course definitely taught me a lot about the importance of decision making in a timely manner.



One word to describe your journey at iscd: A “joyful” creative journey.

I have enjoyed learning and collaborating alongside my always supportive iscd classmates and educators. The combined learning and teaching methods at iscd including hands on activities, research assessments, online learning, educator and student presentations as well as excursions, makes every lesson a unique and creative learning experience.

If design is something you have always loved, believe me the designer in you will always find a way to escape and reveal itself. Don’t let fear, age or doubts try and stop you. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner. 

Product in Space for Design Methods:

My light concept came from a fan that my beloved grandmother Leonida gave to me. I designed the “Leonida” chandelier and placed it inside my model of a Spanish inspired Mission style cabana. This was such a fun assessment as I  was able to combine my love for my grandmother, Spanish style homes, colour, research and building construction.

Hand rendering:

This “Rendering for Presentation” assessment required choosing a photographic image of an existing interior space in a magazine. The range of different techniques taught in this subject really helps to improve and showcase students illustrative work and I am thrilled with the outcome of my render.




My one word to describe iscd is incredible.

My time at iscd has been so much fun, from when I started 2009 in design foundations and back here 9 years later for Interior design and decoration, creative is in my blood, creating designing, and colour and thinking of new creative ways to express myself, it has so many forms, is a real creative journey.

The assignments is something I find challenging, when it comes time to present or submit, you are putting your best foot forward, and that is what learning is all about, what a great environment to do it in!

From my Design Methods class:

My 3D design was such a pleasure to create, mini model of a dining room, created with my contemporary light fitting, thinking of size, proportion, design aspects, when creating this, still keeping a contemporary feel for the room.

Applied Colour:  

On researching a country, was a way to be transported there and absorb myself into the culture and why they choose so many colours, as part of this culture.

The Colour Red: is really the colour mostly connected with Morocco the city of Marrakesh which is known as the red city, because of the salmon pink coloured walls, which tend to glow rich red before sunset.




One word to describe your journey at iscd: INSPIRING!

Meeting creative, like-minded people and being inspired by their positive, creative energy and making wonderful new friends is the thing I have enjoyed the most about my course! It has been the most rewarding year and just so much FUN! It’s very inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded creatives.

Industry Practices – Design identity Mood Board:

Design Methods – Product in space:


One word – Inspiring.

The most enjoyable part of my time at iscd was meeting new friends, with similar interests, learning from each other and seeing everyone develop their own style. Being inspired by great educators and learning about interior design was a dream come true.  

Exterior Colours:

The research aspect of the assessment really interested me. I was so excited to be given a time period of such beautiful workmanship and character. Putting a contemporary colour scheme for a building of this age was so much fun. One of my favourite assessments.


This assessment was the first where we combined many elements from what we’d learnt through all our different subjects at iscd. It was a great experience, and working with our incredible teacher Victoria inspired me further.



I would describe my iscd journey so far as fulfilling.

I have always loved colour, design and interiors but until the last year and a half I haven’t had the opportunity to pursue it- I am a Mum of three young kids and a primary school teacher. To think that I am actually in the process of beginning a small business is beyond what I dreamed back then.

The aspect of the course that I have enjoyed the most is realising how much I love playing with colour. I love the process of creating colour palettes and applying them in various ways and with different mediums.

To anyone thinking about studying design I would urge them to make it happen and have a go. The iscd online course setup is creative, professional and challenging. Lack of confidence was a major factor holding me back but the interaction and feedback I have received online from Cherie, Emily and Michael has been amazing.

My portfolio Mood board:

Shows a snapshot of my style, my love of colour, the technical and design programs I’ve learned to use during the last few months and has helped me to focus in on how I’d like my future business to look.   

Soft Furnishings:

I used a vintage cane chair of my grandparents as inspiration for the re-upholstery and room design assignment. Rendering the updated version of the chair, then applying it into a complete outdoor room scheme was challenging, but I had a lot of fun with it






One word to describe my journey at iscd: Invigorating – I have enjoyed learning and creating the most and found drawing the most challenging.

I enjoyed my time at iscd it quickly became the highlight of my week. I would definitely recommend to study at iscd because most importantly it was fun. Some subjects I loved others not so much, but regardless I look at things so differently now and see beauty in simple forms which is probably my favourite outcome. It also gave me the confidence and little kick I needed to launch my company! I didn’t take my self too seriously and constantly surprised myself – in fact I ended up winning 2 awards which still excites me!

Colour Style Book

Definitely my favourite assessment, my master palette was based on Byron Bay. I created a book that takes you on a beautiful 5 day journey through Byron Bay and its iconic accommodation, shopping, dining and places to visit. 

Visual story of Natural Object – 2D

I based these drawings on a sea snail shell. I was amazed how many different angles and patterns you can create from one natural object. 




CREATIVITY is the word I have chosen to describe my journey with iscd. The course gave me the opportunity to learn new skills in design that I would never have explored in the past, which sparked new interest in areas of drawing, painting and colour. I found it extremely rewarding when receiving positive feedback from other students and teachers when completing assignments, This highlighted my passion in design even more. The course is great to get your creative juices flowing, but also open new windows in career opportunities. Thanks to all the iscd team!

Visual Story– This assignment was of a free hand stylised drawing that explored different types of drawing techniques. 

Colour Style Book – This was the final assignment that incorporated all the skills that I acquired throughout the course. 




My journey at iscd can best be described as an awakening.

I have always loved colour and have tried my hand at numerous art forms, but felt I wanted more. The foundation course at iscd gave me the opportunity to explore a whole side of myself that has been longing to develop and emerge. I loved getting a design brief, and going through all the stages of development, to end up with a (usually) satisfying end result.  I completed the course online and found this was the perfect study mode for me as I could work at my own pace and around my busy life. It is a very hands on, practical and comprehensive course. On completion I felt confident I had mastered a complete new set of skills which will equip me for further design work. I am now planning to specialise in Surface Design and will be enrolling in the diploma course through iscd in 2019.

Desert Rose Rug Design – I love the Australian bush and desert, but wanted to use the 2018 Pantone colour palette with the gorgeous green and pink hues. 

Rose Lamp Lighting Design – This design uses pink and blue silk overlayed on a moon shaped touch lamp to create a soft rose coloured hue. 



One word to describe my journey at iscdBrilliant

Expressing your creativity can be quite daunting at times but iscd provides an opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe and professional environment. The teachers are incredible! Very supportive and encouraging, just like the students and the online interactive community. Certificate IV in Design is a fantastic fundamental course. I have learnt so much, but most importantly the understating of colour and the elements and principles of design. It has given me the confidence to develop my art practices further and build new networks throughout the art and design industries. A new purpose in life – very exciting! I am extremely grateful for my experience at iscd.

Designer Rugs –

Painted Illustration – 




One word you would use to describe your journey at iscd: “Eye-opening”

Studying Design is not something completely new to me. I studied Landscape Architecture Design at University, but after graduating I realised that a career in Landscape Architecture was not what I truly wanted. At the same time, I knew I was very much a design-oriented person, so with some degree of uncertainty, I decided to try something slightly different.  

With my university degree, I thought I knew something about colour & design. Also I believed that creativity was something that couldn’t be learnt but I had to admit that I was wrong. Studying at iscd was a real eye-opening opportunity for me to understand the world of colour & design. During my course, I learnt a whole new way of looking at things which led me to be a more creative person than ever before. In the end, yes, creativity can be learnt – it’s just matter of knowing where your creativity starts and how to develop it. In other words, you have to learn how to think creatively and iscd taught me how to develop a creative thinking brain.

Coffee Typography – Using tweezers, I carefully arrange tiny coffee beans into the shape that I wanted. It took 5 hours! It was a great 5 hours of aromatherapy time.

Master Palette – I think that the master palette really helped me to understand and summarise what I learnt during the course and when I finished it, I actually felt very proud of myself.




The one word I would use to describe my journey at iscd would be “inspiring”. For me, the course opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking and working.

I really enjoyed completing the final assignment – the Colour Style Book.  This was a great opportunity to use all of the skills that I had acquired throughout the course. It also highlighted just how far I’d come over a few short months of study. At the beginning of the course, an assignment like this would have seemed overwhelming. But by the end of the course I was excited to take it on, and sad to finish it.

Abstract + Semi Abstract Design – My abstract and semi abstract designs were based on a “waiter’s friend”. Inspiration can come from unlikely sources and I really enjoyed taking a common household object and using it to develop my designs.  It is amazing what you can come up with just by looking at an everyday object in a different way.

3D Lighting Brief – For my lighting design I created a self-supporting table lamp which was inspired by the golden mean. The lamp was constructed in layers using Tasmanian oak which creates a sense of depth and visual interest.  LED strip lighting was attached around the outside edge of the back layer to provide a soft glow.



“Inspiring” is the one word I would use to describe my journey at iscd. The course has inspired me to create and given me the confidence to do so.

I am thoroughly enjoying studying online with iscd. The educators are so encouraging and provide insightful and constructive feedback.

The CANVAS tool which we use to study online is very user friendly and the Discussion Boards are a great resource for information, clarification and inspiration.

Typography & Moodboard – My non computer generated typography was inspired by Spring. We were just coming out of a very long, grey, wet and cold Winter and it was so refreshing and joyful to finally see some colour, some blooms, hear birds and feel some sunshine!  

Graphic Interpretation – My random generated texture was created with black gauche and water in an eyedropper.  I then squeezed different amounts onto the page and used the tip of the eyedropper to create a variety of shapes.  My graphic interpretation concentrated on the shapes, lines and tones of this texture using a variety of pen techniques.



My journey with iscd began back in 2015, studying a Certificate IV in Design. I’ve enjoyed every minute. Raising two children with school and sporting commitments, the option to study online has been ideal. The support network at iscd has been second to none; and with the support and feedback of the educators I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and the work I am producing. “Have fun and enjoy the journey”.

3D Kitchen Space – Showcasing my pendant lights which were inspired by a golf ball. My two children play golf and it seemed fitting to draw my inspiration from the sport they both love to play.

Hand Rendering Image – I love drawing and with this assignment I really enjoyed learning and experimenting with different mediums to re-create this bathroom vanity.





One word to describe my journey at iscd: Rewarding

I completed a Diploma of Colour with iscd as I wanted a formal qualification in a field that I was already working in. I studied at the same time as working full time, which was challenging but also really added to my role.

I now feel I know so much more about the theory of colour and also its practical application.

If you are looking to study design don’t put it off, there’s probably never going to be a ‘right’ time. Just do it!

A Day in the Life of Red – We were assigned a colour and asked to look at the psychological effects, it’s historical significance, different meanings it has globally and how it is best used in design.  It was fascinating.

Ponsonby Master Bedroom Project – This was an assignment where we were asked to create a client brief and design a room, ensuite and wardrobe. I designed a masculine, restful master bedroom for a couple and their dogs. I was lucky enough to win an excellence award from Laminex for this project.




Facebook – Caine Anthony Design

I have now completed 3 courses with iscd, completing my Certificate IV Design in 2014, followed by a Styling Diploma in the same year. I spent some time in the industry doing colour consulting and property styling for a small company in Newcastle, and then returned to iscd this year to complete my Colour Diploma, since completing I have launched my own business Caine Anthony Design.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in some exciting projects with other designers and have had a number of design jobs under my own brand.

I would describe my time at iscd as ‘Engaging’.

I always enjoy the support from the educators at iscd, it is a large reason I came back to do another Diploma. I love the work space and always loved to be on campus. For anyone wanting to study design, I would say DO IT! It is an industry with such a huge variety of people with so many different experiences. It is inspiring and everyone I have crossed paths with is so supportive and encouraging for everyone’s growth in the industry.

Bedroom Brief I really enjoyed creating this space, and designing to the brief of a country retreat in the city.  I really loved the colour, tones and mood of the space and combining all the elements of the room together.

Some examples of work from my own business –



My time spent with iscd has been amazing to say the least.  As an online student I have been very well supported not only by my tutors but also with great student discussion boards to get involved with. Choosing to Study with iscd is been the best career move I have made. The thing I have enjoyed the most is realising how much there is to learn about the world of colour! The Colour Design Diploma will open the door to many exciting career choices, definitely more than I realised. The courses at iscd are set out and written so well, the information is easy to absorb and does not in anyway intimate. Completing Cert IV In Design prior to the Colour Design Diploma well and truly sets you up to be able to manage your time effectively and where to find your support network with your tutors and other online students.

Mid Century Style Board –

Exterior Colour Application – 




One word to describe my journey  – ‘REVOLUTIONARY

The aspect that I enjoyed the most as an online student was the flexibility and being able to work at my own pace. Already running a business, 2 small children, a partner who works away Mon-Fri and a life, I could work around all of this in my very rare own time! The creative release was also good for the soul!

Rendered Interior Space –

 Trends Collage – 





I always believed there was a creative person inside me, desperately trying to break out! I took a lot of small workshops here and there and then enrolled in iscd’s Colour and Design 101 workshop. I enjoyed the workshop so much and knew I was on the right track so enrolled in the Certificate IV in Design. I wasn’t really sure which field this would lead me to but on completion I knew I wanted to pursue Surface Design and here I am.

Studying online is great as it gives me the flexibility to work around my family and job. Don’t think that you will be alone, as you can ask questions anytime. Self-doubt can be crippling, but the community of students and teachers is such a positive, caring and sharing environment. Even though I haven’t met the other students in person, I feel like we’re friends and supports. The connections through Instagram and Canvas are invaluable. It’s such a great forum to ask anything and not feel nervous or intimidated in anyway.

Lino Cut – I’m fascinated by circles and bold line work.  Here I’ve combined both my loves.

Swimwear Design – This was a steep learning curve using Creative Cloud.  A great way to immerse myself in the digital process.




One word  to describe my journey at iscd: Enriching.

I love exploring new techniques and mediums, but I really enjoyed researching design history and creating storyboards for each new assignment. Idea generation, decision making and timekeeping is so much easier when you have a solid foundation to work off. Things I have found challenging is not letting self doubt or life get in the way of handing in assignments. Setting aside a clear block of time each day to do my work as well posting it up onto our online forum really helped – the iscd student community and teachers are incredibly helpful and encouraging.

Swimwear – Half drop abstract design inspired by the 1960’s psychedelic movement for fashion and swimwear  designer Mara Hoffman.

Wallpaper – Half drop floral wallpaper design inspired by Art Nouveau for Porter’s Paints.



This is my second course with iscd, I completed the Certificate IV Design earlier this year. I feel like I have found exactly what I’m meant to be doing and it’s an incredibly liberating feeling – my creativity is flourishing. I am LOVING the online course, I am in contact with my educator whenever I need and there is a wonderful network and support between the online and on campus students. The flexibility of the online course is amazing, my time is limited with caring for three young children and working part-time however I absolutely love the course content, it keeps me coming back to learn more! I can feel my creativity and confidence growing daily and I can’t wait to be part of this amazing design industry.

Mixed Media – This mixed media assignment was so much fun. The quirky nature of the task took me out of my comfort zone and made me consider new ideas and ways of creating.

Rendering a room – This task involved Rendering an Interior Space, it used all the knowledge I’ve learnt so far, elements and principles of design, colour design, drawing skills and experimentation with each one. 



My time with iscd was exciting. It gave me the opportunity to find out what makes me happy – creativity!  It has given me the confidence to move ahead with surface design and to experiment in new ways.

One word I would use to describe my time with iscd is inspiring! One of the things I have enjoyed most is realising you don’t need to be an amazing artist to create beautiful designs. For anyone looking at studying design, stay true to your style as that is what will set you apart from the rest.

Biscotti Acru – This design was for the Porters Paints wall paper brief.  My inspiration came from banksias and other natives. 

Takeaway Coffee Cup – “Escape the Humdrum”




My one word to describe iscd – Addictive!

Completing the Diploma of Surface Design and Certificate IV Design course at iscd by distance education has been a very creative, interesting and rewarding journey. It has been fun, challenging and pleasantly surprising when completing the assignments but always satisfying when the new skills learnt and knowledge acquired results in a fabulous collection of resources and a portfolio of work that, prior to commencement of the course, I didn’t think I would be able achieve. The positive feedback received from the educators and other students via the online Discussion Board provided great motivation and getting that feedback and seeing other students’ work is inspirational!

I have recently partnered with another graduate of iscd, Marie Steber, and have started a new textile design and styling business, called “Shibusa Style”, specialising in fabrics, wallpapers and prints. We first met in Sydney at an iscd workshop and discovered that we both had travelled from Perth and live close by to each other and had similar design ideals and ideas.

Sheridan Bed Linen design – Inspired by the soft, pastel colours of spring, this is a light floral free spirited design, beckoning us to go walking along the beach or country bush tracks – ideal activities with the onset of warmer weather.

Rapee Cushion Collection design – Also inspired by the beach, water and colours of summer, using the clean fresh colours of aqua and white. 




I have most enjoyed discovering the processes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that can turn my designs into a marketable product. Understanding how to put my detailed hand drawings into repeat has given me some incredible ah-ha! moments as I can see my drawings come alive and easily envisage the printed end-product. 

I am just so excited to begin getting my designs printed and made into interior products such as cushions, beanbags, wallpaper and upholstery fabrics next year. I can’t wait to start my creative business in 2019 as it’s something I have been dreaming about for many years now. 


This design was inspired by my Sheridan Bed Linen series and was given an edgy update with the use of grey scale floral images set against a dark, moody teal background. 


This design was inspired by Sheridan’s extensive use of floral’s and my love of native Australian flowers. I wanted to achieve a detailed, hand drawn pattern with lots of interest and have chosen a soft Spring colour palette of dusty pastels such as eucalyptus green, protea pink and with a heady dose of inky ocean blue to draw the eye around.  




One word I would use to describe my journey at iscd: Fun

I have enjoyed having exciting, interesting and completely different design briefs. They were all challenging in themselves, with each one I was able to learn so much valuable information/skills all the while being able to really have fun coming up with designs and using my imagination. Something I was worried I didn’t have too much of!

The Coral Empire (Mens Swimwear design) – The inspiration I have drawn on for this brief is South Australian sea life. I chose to use the Blue Ringed Octopus for my main motif, however the whole design and colour scheme is loosely based upon the camouflaging abilities of the Blue Ringed Octopus and the Giant Cuttlefish.

Takeaway Coffee Cup – This was a fun, but challenging brief! My design is based upon my daughters (and mine) love of the zoo… the Meerkats and the spectacular gardens. I wanted to design a cup that was bright, bold, fun and took cup designs to the next level – serving not only as a cup but as entertainment as well.



I have been studying at iscd for the last 12 months and loved it. I started with the Certificate IV course and then moved on to the Surface Design diploma. the Certificate IV in colour and design gave me a great foundation and theory of colour, which I could carry through into my other work, it also helped me open my mind to other aspects of design: for example designing a lamp.

The surface design course was what led me to iscd, I have always loved patterns and prints and studied textiles at school. Having grown up near William Morris’s home at Kelmscott Manor in the UK I have had a long standing passion for fabric and wallpaper design. The the surface design course has allowed me to expand my skills in creating designs, whilst offering guidance on how you can take these skills forward.

Wallpaper – this is a floral outline/sketch design for Porters Paints, the inspiration for my work was saving the bees and garden flowers.

Coffee Cup – my inspiration for this style image was Oshe a UK graphic artist in Bristol. Then the actual image was inspired by my love of cycling and the Tour de France, but also cyclists general love of stopping for a coffee when out for a ride.