BOWERBIRD Interiors Industry Placement Program

Posted by Gabrielle Rosenfeld on November 29


The International School of Colour and Design (iscd) has always offered industry-driven courses – providing students enrolled in our Diploma of Interior Design (MSF50218) with nationally recognised qualifications and the strong foundations that allow them to launch their careers and design their worlds.

In order to give students studying a Diploma of Interior Design the very best start, we partner with industry professionals to offer internships and placements, and we are very excited to announce a new relationship with renowned stylists and designers, BOWERBIRD Interiors.

BOWERBIRD Interiors is a leading interiors brand, primarily focused on the areas of residential and commercial interior styling, presentations for sale, and bespoke furniture packages. Their commitment to understanding exactly what is needed in today’s market means they are a formidable force in interior styling, and certainly a company to watch and to learn from.  


Learn Real Business Skills While Gaining a Diploma of Interior Design

Learning how to become a great interior designer, interior decorator, colour designer, surface designer, or stylist, is about more than just learning the essential design principles. Learning about the business side of things will also be essential for anyone who wants to make this a successful and rewarding career.

Whilst completing your Diploma of Interior Design at iscd, you will have the chance to learn sought after skills in drafting and design software, and you will also be offered the chance to peek behind the curtain to find out about life in the design and decoration industries.

The BOWERBIRD Interiors team provides the perfect example of a team who combine their strong styling skills with their refined business knowledge. As a company driven by their team’s culture, values, and beliefs, BOWERBIRD Interiors show that being good at business means inspiring your customers, taking ownership of your work, and leading the way through creative innovation.  


iscd and BOWERBIRD Interiors Industry Placement Program


Study Interior Design Online and Learn from Industry Professionals

Students enrolled in the Diploma of Interior Design at iscd can complete an industry placement with BOWERBIRD Interiors whilst still studying.

While studying online gives students the freedom and flexibility to fit study into their busy lifestyles, some students may worry that this does not provide the same opportunities to create face-to-face connections or to learn in a worklike environment. With the option to take up a placement at BOWERBIRD Interiors, iscd students who choose to study interior design online can still gain hands-on experience inside a real decorating company, networking with other designers, and adding to their resume at the same time.

We are committed to equipping all students studying a Diploma of Interior Design course at iscd with the knowledge and the skills that they’ll need to succeed, and we’re thrilled to be working with BOWERBIRD Interiors in this regard.

 Are you interested in studying Interior Design? Do you want to know more about our online courses and where a career in interior design could take you? Contact one of our course advisors today.



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