3 Reasons To Study On Campus, From An On Campus Graduate

Posted by rachel on February 27

Thinking of studying interior design? But trying to weigh up how to decide which school and what study mode is best for you? Here Tara Veness, graduate of iscd‘s  Diploma*, tells us her 3 reasons why she chose to study on campus and what her plans are now she’s graduated.

What tips/advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying design?

If you are thinking about doing design; just do it. If you have a passion it will be something you really enjoy. I have no regrets in taking the plunge.

3 reasons to study on campus…


The people I met in class became my own little design family. It’s great to grow and inspire each other whilst studying and now we’ve graduated we already have each other as strong industry connections.



Working in the industry themselves, the educators at iscd are full of current and relevant design knowledge which they are more than happy to share with you. The help and constant feedback during class time was so beneficial.  



Being a mum, having to run a household and juggling other work formats alongside studying makes for a busy lifestyle but studying on campus meant that no matter what sort of lifestyle you have, each week you would have a set day and time to sit down and be creative surrounded by like minded people with a pool of knowledge to inspire and motivate you!


More from Tara…What originally sparked your passion for interior design?

The passion for creativity and design has always been there. My mum was very creative and seeing her at work was an inspiration. I studied art and design along with Graphic Design at Secondary School so my passion has always been there.

What is your background before studying design?

My background before iscd was all over the place. After secondary school I went on to study Interior Design in Melbourne. But I was working part time for a big retail group which kind of took over my life for a number of years; good years. Before I knew it I was high up in the chain and overseas working for them. So I put my Interior Design study on hold. I loved the diversity and the education I got from living overseas but missed getting creative juices flowing. So I started buying and selling properties; renovating as we went along. I also fell into the world of antiques. The UK was going through a recession so a lot of people were downsizing and getting rid of amazing bits of furniture that I started to play around with and bring back to life in some way, shape or form. This was very fruitful. I started taking orders from local shops for their clients. So for a number of years I was very busy renovating my own properties and driving a furniture restoration business.

How did you choose which institutes to study with?

I chose iscd knowing I was studying with like minded people. When I went to the open day I got a really good feel and sense about the school. The educators and everyone on campus gave me real inspiration. Leaving the day excited about studying design!

Your favourite thing about studying?

I began my journey at iscd by studying the Certificate IV in Design. I enjoyed this year because I was hesitant whether I still had that creative brain there; so it was a real confidence boost for me; it gave me the ‘can do it’ attitude; which then encouraged me to further my study to the Diploma at iscd. Another favourite thing was the people I studied with. As mentioned they were all like minded people and we all just assisted each other as well as encouraged each other. It was like our little family for Design.

What are you most excited about now you’ve graduated? / what are you plans job wise?

I’m proud of myself for completing the two courses whilst juggling a busy lifestyle. So now I’m taking my time and researching where I would like to see myself working as well as thinking about setting up my own business on the side. Initially I would like to manage both a job with a company in the industry and my own business.

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