A Designer’s Christmas 2.0

Posted by rachel on December 3

This year we’re going to look at even more unique and creative ways to inspire you and your interior this Christmas! From the traditional tree to new and beautiful ways to hang those all important stockings and finally, gorgeous table decor for the big day!


Did you know that many early Christmas trees were originally hung upside down from ceilings by chains or from chandeliers? Over the years we’ve seen the creativity of Christmas trees develop, to the point where some people don’t even use an actual tree as their tree?! Take a look at some of our favourite finds…

A very clever (and space saving) way to display a christmas tree!

A modern take to a traditional Christmas tree – this one even has candle holders on the end of each ‘branch’

A gorgeous succulent Christmas tree – need we say more!

If it’s minimal you want then this Christmas tree display is the one for you!



The Christmas stocking is a long lasting tradition in the home at Christmas time! Empty stockings – originally people used one of their everyday socks but now they come in all shapes and sizes, some personalised with names and some with beautiful designs!

Let’s look at some ways people have been creative with their stocking hanging…

A very popular and appealing way to hang your stockings…

Creating a whole festive display with your stockings pride and place!

Beautiful branch stocking display!

The trusty wooden peg combined with present hanging too…



We touched on Christmas wreaths last year and how they are traditionally made from evergreens due to them being green all year round. There has been so many creative ways to create and display a wreath – here are some new finds to add to the ones we looked at last year!

Evergreen stars – Combining one Christmas tradition with a well known symbol often associated with the holiday!

DIY triangle wreath – stunning and simplistic…

Get personal… an elegant mistletoe wreath!

Multi functional, delicate and a gorgeous decoration…



Now it’s not everyone’s preference but more often than not people tend to enjoy making extra effort on the table setting for the big day. There definitely isn’t anything more inviting for a meal than a beautifully set table – especially as designers! Here’s some inspiration to get you prepared for your own…

Adding a bit of festive colour and decorations to the table!

Image: bloglovin.com


Add some personalisation for your guests…

Image: hobbycraft.co.uk

Image: ao.com


Bring the outside in…

Image: pinterest.com.au

Image: pinterest.com.au


Floating centerpieces…

Image: neptune.com

Image: bloglovin.com

Hopefully this has given you a little inspiration for your Christmas decorating and styling this year. If you missed last years A Designers Christmas head over to the blog post now! Wishing you all a fabulous and creative festive season!