Our top picks for surface designers this October!

Posted by iscd@admin on October 10


FEATHR is a Scandinavian surface design company whose mission is ‘to fill the world with more art and less decoration.’ Founders, Tom, Anne and Oli work together with an expanding global community of artists to create contemporary designs, for wallpapers, fabrics, chair and cushions. Available anywhere in the world! Their concept for using art to create unique surface designs is beautiful and definitely worth taking a look at their website! Visit FEATHR’s website here.








Based in Victoria, Ink and Spindle are focused on designing ‘textiles that will fit in your life for many years to come.’ They aim to work and create in an ethical, sustainable manner, read more on their website about the practices they currently operate to lessen their impact on the earth. Their gorgeously unique hand printed products are not to be missed! Visit Ink And Spindle’s website here.









Julia Rothman is an illustrator and pattern designer based in Brooklyn NY. Her work ranges from wallpapers, fabric, books, scarfs, temporary tattoo’s to crockery sets and much, much more! Her unique drawing style creates playful, fascinating illustrations and patterns that you can’t help but love! To look at all Julia’s work and to read more head to her website. Visit Julia’s website here.


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