6 Emerging Design Brands To Watch

Posted by iscd@admin on May 1

Searching the internet for great pieces that have a story that resonates is not always easy. Add to that the desire to support local and trying to find something that is on client brief even harder. So we thought we would feature some emerging Australian designers for you, their innovate ideas, end products and philosophy behind their work. We hope it helps inspire your next projects and adds to your little black book of cool studios to source from!


Marz Designs

A Canberra University graduate now residing in Sydney, Coco Raynolds is a lover of retro. Specifically the 50s and 60s. Constantly experimenting with new materials her work is simple and concentrates on beautiful silhouettes.

Founding Marz in 2010, Coco has gone on to have exhibitions at Milan Design Week, Denfair in Melbourne, and Grand Designs Live in London. She is also the recipient of several awards one being the Temple and Webster / Inside Out Emerging Designer Award. We love her pendants and wall hooks for their elegance and clean lines. Find links to her work at http://www.marzdesigns.com/pages/coco_reynolds


Yellow Diva Design Studio

Based in Melbourne this unique design studio offers inspired, bold designs, spanning commercial and residential furniture, lighting and accessories.

Drawing on their backgrounds in film, architecture and industrial design, directors David Walley and Felicity Joll find inspiration in everything and anywhere. Yellow Diva products are emotionally provocative, playful pieces that embody a tactile aesthetic the pair describe as rich minimalism.

Having exhibited at London’s Geffrye Museum, The Frozen Fountain Amsterdam, the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne and Melbourne Museum. Yellow Diva have grown a great reputation. The studio is committed to a culture of authenticity, creativity, collaboration, local production and environmental best practice.

Website: https://www.yellowdiva.com/catalogue/


Dezion Studio

Founder Asher Abergel is all about form and function. Sharing principles with Bauhaus each design is thought through with the end user in mind. Concentrating on simple, natural, functional and sustainable.

All of his lights come in three choices of oak, walnut or cork and contrasted with black or white.

Website: http://dezionstudio.com



By founder Luke Rogers is all about experimental design within interior and exterior spaces. Their philosophy is to create inspiring and environmentally friendly objects that are both visually and functionally pleasurable.

We love that his design stems from his fine art practice and sculpture exhibits! Merging art and design in its purest forms.

Website: https://madebylui.com


So Watt

This is a provocative design studio concentrating on the ultimate challenge of being great. Constantly considering new and unusual material applications, unusual shapes and scales, while driving for efficient use of materials, clever packaging and assembly techniques.

This team led by Jonathan Biet like to offer a cradle to cradle service involving the client throughout. We love the personality behind their designs and their interesting and unexpected material combinations.

Website: http://www.sowatt.com.au


Zero in Dao

The number zero in Dao represents everything and nothing, or WuJi 無極; Wu is nothing or emptiness, and Ji is end or limitation. WuJi means the perfect circulation, without beginning or end.

The founders of Zero In Dao, Ka Li & Jim Shen, are a Melbourne based, Chinese-Australian, industrial designer and engineer duo. They share a mutual passion for exploratory design, fusing nostalgic orientalism with contemporary Western design.

Starting in jewellery this duo have just launched into furniture. What this space…



Website: http://www.zeroindao.com

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