Why are Orange and Black the colours of Halloween?

Posted by iscd@admin on October 30

When we say Halloween, many people think of pumpkins, cats, costumes and horror, right? When we say Halloween colours, people usually think of orange and black. Have you ever really thought about why these two colours together are associated with Halloween?

Black is probably a pretty easy one to figure out, with it being associated with words such as power, mystery, fear and death. It’s an obvious choice for a day that was originally a ‘festival of the dead’.

And then there’s orange, why orange? A colour made up of red and yellow, usually associated with joy, warmth and success. But when paired up with black it makes us think of Halloween which is definitely not a holiday associated with ‘joy, warmth or success’. Halloween falls on the 31st October which, in most countries, is in the season of autumn. A very ‘orange’ season, with the changing of the leaves and presence of pumpkins.

However, black and orange together do not have to always be associated with Halloween, here we have found some stunning interiors that use this colour combination well…and are not at all spooky! Happy Halloween creative peeps!


Image 1: apartmenttherapy.com

Image 2: officesnapshots.com

Image 3: decoist.com

Image 4: theultralinx.com

Image 5: bloglovin.com






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