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Posted by iscd@admin on June 13

We caught up with iscd Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration online graduate Jackie Juricev who has applied her design knowledge and experience to complete a very successful house flipping project with an incredible result.

Jackie’s aunt has lived in her home for the last 31 years and recently decided to sell her house. When Jackie began working on the project it was a slow start with over 10 separate groups inspecting the property and zero pre-market offers for the house valued at $575k.

With her determination and confidence, Jackie worked on a very tight budget of $7,000 to complete a cosmetic renovation of the interior and exterior of the house, and additional landscaping work.

With the help of her husband who is a landscaper, Jackie was able to complete her cosmetic renovation on both the interior and exterior. All within the small budget, finishing touches were also set up around the house with staging – using a mixture of hired furniture as well as re-used and upcycled items.

With Jackie’s transformation complete, the agent was confident that with the house now presented the way it was, it would return the best price. The house achieved an incredible sales price of $718k at the auction. This result was $48k over the reserve and $30k higher than the real estate agents predicted highest price! Furthermore, it broke the sales record for the suburb and street, with only one previous property selling for higher than $700k (selling at$701k)!

Congratulations Jackie – what a great start to your design career!

Check out more pictures of Jackie’s incredible transformation on her aunt’s house.

Jackie’s top tips for working within a budget:

When working with a tight budget is really important to prioritise what you spend your budget on. Prioritsing items gives you the highest visual impact for a lower cost. It gives the impression that you have spent more on your project than you actually have. In many cases a simple declutter can make a huge difference to how a space can look and feel. There are three main areas that are relatively cheap and can give you a high visual impact.

1. Painting. It is amazing what paint can do. Repainting a property can make a huge difference. It can update a space instantly! It can make a space look bigger, brighter and change the mood dramatically.

2. Updating window furnishings can make a huge difference to home. Window furnishings give a room atmosphere, softness and texture. On top of this, the right window furnishing will change the temperature of a room and can make a space more energy efficient.

3. Flooring make a huge difference to how we perceive the age and condition of a property. With the market offering more budget friendly flooring options like vinyl plank floorboards and laminate, flooring can have a huge return on dollars spent. One of my favourite products is, Berger Jet Dry Rapid Tread. I recently used this on a project to paint badly stained floor boards and it saved thousands of dollars. I used black paint on the floorboards in the main living areas and hallways and it looked fantastic with total costs under $600!

Jackie’s top tips for styling when working with budgets either big or small:

My top tips for styling on a budget, really takes me back to some of the principles I learnt at school. Reuse, convert and combine. This is so important to do when styling on a budget. Once I determined the message I want convey with my design, I then go through the existing space and look at what I can reuse. Sometimes, it means reusing an item in a different area or using it for a different purpose. For instance a large bulky side table might not work in a bedroom you are trying to make look more spacious but it could make the perfect lamp table for a living room. I am also a huge fan of DIY and love that a coat of paint can bring an old tired piece of furniture back to life again.

Buying items secondhand will also help the budget. There are a lot items out there in great condition for a fraction of the price. Invest in those statements pieces and create one focal point in the room, that captures the attention. Whether is a bold artwork or piece of furniture that you invest in, this piece will be the first item you look at and the other items can be there just to compliment. Additionally, update small, simple soft furnishings by just adding new lights, mirrors, cushions and linen,to completely change the look of a room.


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