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Posted by iscd@admin on September 6

We recently caught up with iscd Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration student Lily Potter, currently studying at our Melbourne campus.

After just graduating high school at the end of 2016, Lily pursued her passion for Interior Design and went straight into studying, saying she “jumped at the thought of studying at iscd“. From a young age, Lily has always had a love for all things interior design! Whether it be visiting display homes or furniture stores, her keen eye and passion for design is what kicked off her creative journey.

What was your background prior to commencing the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration?

I only recently finished high school last year, studying in Geelong. I knew I wanted to to interior design, so I researched different institutions and jumped at the thought of studying at iscd. I didn’t take a gap year and went straight into studying.

How did you hear about iscd, and what made you want to study with us?

Throughout high school I was always interested in interior design, whether it be visiting display homes or furniture stores, I adored it. I heard about iscd Sydney campus through Real Living magazines and their advertisements, However, once the Melbourne campus opened, I just knew I had to check it out. I attended 3 open days and 3 workshops prior to applying, so I had some experience with the educators and the campus. After that I just knew I wanted to study with iscd, as I found that their connection within the industry is so much greater than most interior design courses.

What has surprised you about the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration course so far?

The amount of work and assignments we receive surprised me, you just need to be prepared to put all of your effort and time into the course especially if you’re studying full time.

What would be your dream role after you complete the course?

Since I started the course my dream role was to be a Property Stylist. Although as the course has developed, many other design career paths have crossed my mind that I wasn’t even aware existed. I’m sure by the end of the course I will be open to new things and learn a lot more about the different paths I can take.

What were your concerns before commencing this course?

As I had just come out of high school, I was worried about being the youngest and not understanding some of the things in the course, things that I thought required you to have experience in the real working world. But, as the course has gone on I discovered that even if you start from scratch, you can achieve great things studying the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration course.

How would you describe your teachers at iscd? 

The teachers/ educators at iscd are wonderful. Each teacher has a different speciality and a different way of teaching which makes it more interesting to learn. They are all very approachable and welcoming from day one.

What has been your favourite assignment so far?

My favourite assignment so far would be the colour portfolio that is studied during Colour Foundation. During this assignment, everyone faced difficulties but I really enjoyed the hands on aspect of it, and the end product was worth it in the end.

How would you best describe your design style/ the type of designer you are?

I am a very neat and aesthetic designer. My style is very modern and I like to follow trends such as the use of concrete in flooring, matte black appliances and of course, indoor plants, but I use them in a way that reflects the client.

Do you have any tips for anyone contemplating studying at iscd?

I definitely recommend it! I have learnt so many new things about design and definitely feel comfortable stepping out into the industry. Just make sure you have the time and the desire to study and everything else will come easy.


Want to know more?

Intakes for the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration are every February and July or every month online. This October 2017 we also have a special intake. Payment plans and Vet Student Loans are available.

Read more about this course here. Or call a student advisor today on  in Sydney on 02 8355 3838, or Melbourne on 03 8372 0000 for more details.



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