Different types of Interior Designer Styles

Posted by iscd@admin on July 6

As designers we are each unique in the way that we approach our work with our own design style. It is no surprise then, that the design world is made up of so many ideas, personalities, personas and styles. Here Tom Puuko from Feathr gives some great insights to the different types of designers that predominantly exist. More than likely you will resonate with a few, or maybe there is one in particular you think suits you best. Explore what type or types of designer you are!

The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist designer is inspired by the earlier ages. Including heavier furniture and fittings is very common for this type of designer. Traditionalists view their design as an act of preservation as well as creation. Their classical style is complete with elegance and function, as well as ornate detailing.

The DIY expert

These designers are all hands-on deck. You are more likely to find the DIY expert on-site at a work bench rather than behind their computer. These designers live in a world between their love for design and creating unique hand crafted pieces. The DIY expert wows with unique pieces and their ability to save on budgets! A keen eye for DIY projects, this type of designer thrives off creating designer inspired pieces at a fraction of the cost.

The Explorer

As ‘The Explorer’ you enjoy transforming interiors into a space that has authenticity and individuality. The look and feel you create is based on the concept of taking yourself and your client on a journey within a particular space. As this type of designer, you create unique stories to ensure individuality exists with the space.

The Nurturer

The Nurturer prioritises creating warm homely interior spaces and ensures that their designs are liveable and loveable. These designers love to design family homes that feel like nurturing spaces.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher designs interior spaces that are full of subtle details and aspects that will leave you in awe. Your minimalist attitude crossed with your added intelligence creates spaces that make your client pause and ponder on the inspiration and meaning behind the design.

The Sleek and Modern Designer

The Sleek and Modern Designer has a love for clean lines, angles, simple palettes and mid-century modern design. Clutter sends the sleek and modern designer into a frenzy! Eliminating current and extraneous objects is what they love to do. These designers create modern interiors that are clean and fresh, embracing simplicity in adornment. The elements of design include materials that quietly provide warmth and texture to the interior without detracting from the overall feel.

The Rebel

The Rebel is the type of designer that takes things to the next extreme in a way that works. The complete opposite to the minimalist, the rebel uses their extrovert enthusiasm, use of bold colours and decorating style to give their designs that ‘wow’ factor.

Master of Feng Shui

These designers build the look and feel of their interiors based on the principles of Feng Shui and good design. The flow of energy and creating balance defines this type of designer. They love being involved from the concept stage to create positive energy, harmony and style. Furniture is often arranged in the empowered position, and like the sleek and modern designer, they dislike clutter as it offers bad energy. Their understanding of colour creates nurtured, happy and inspired designs.

The Illusionist

Illusionists are described as a ‘person who performs tricks that deceive the eye’. The Illusionist designer does exactly this with their use of jaw-dropping interior decoration styling, using bold statement pieces to create a particular atmosphere or mood within an interior. A love for using statement pieces tricks the eye to focus on a specific element of an interior and can create or redefine a trend.

As designers we all wear many hats and it could be argued that we should be able to master all of these 9 designers. But you will always have one that you feel most comfortable executing and that dominates your style. What ever it is, be brave, experiment and expand your styles and your projects will be forever enhanced for it.

Our next intake of students start July 24th and we cant wait to see what their design styles are and open them to the exciting and creative world of design!

Looking for inspiration – check out Feathr.com or read their original article here.


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