Sally Cahalan

How did you find your time at iscd?


I loved every minute of my 3 years at iscd. Going to class each week was a true highlight. I savoured being surrounded by beautiful and creative souls, each offering individual styles and influences in a nurturing and supportive environment, all while being mentored by inspiring educators. Each week was an opportunity for me to really explore and extend myself creatively.


What are you hoping to do next?

 I’ve launched my new business, Souk & Co., a concept based on my passion for travel, design and unique products.

I travel to Morocco a few times a year to personally source and import artisanal homewares and custom pieces. I will soon be adding my own designs crafted in Morocco.

Through Souk & Co. I also host intimate tailored trips to Morocco in collaboration with Solve Travel, a company that I jointly own with my husband.

In collaboration with Sally Palmer of Indigo Salsa, we’re looking forward to the launch of our textile collection through Emily Ziz. I’m also working with artisans in Morocco to produce a Souk & Co. design range, starting with hand-loomed textiles and hand-painted tiles and ceramics.


How did you come up with the idea for your business?

 It started with my first trip to Morocco – my senses were ignited on every level. I couldn’t drink in enough of the visual sights – the colours, design elements, architecture, patterns – as well as the warmth and hospitality of the people, the incredible diversity of natural beauty and the exotic blend of ancient cultures. It was, and still is, truly captivating. On that same trip, I knew that this was an incredibly special place that I’d love to share with like-minded people. Since then I have been hosting amazingly fun, small-sized trips around Morocco (the perfect place for the ultimate girls getaway).

On the trips to Morocco that followed I’ve forged connections with fabulous artisans and learned more about the astonishing skills that have been passed down through the generations. I love that everything they craft is primarily for a practical use but that they engrain a unique design story into every piece that they create. My love of sourcing incredible and unique treasures as well as working with artisans to have bespoke products hand-made led me to the concept for Souk & Co. – a ‘marketplace’ of travel, design and unique homewares.


How did your time at iscd help you to get to where you are now?

Iscd provided me with a vibrant and nurturing environment to explore and grow creatively. I met like-minded people, developed friendships and career network and have had some amazing opportunities through the industry briefs and awards. I use the graphic design skills I learned at iscd constantly; for my website, look books and visual and marketing communications. My surface design know-how allows me to produce designs across all sorts of mediums, and see them brought to life through the production process. Overall, though, the most important thing that I gained from studying at iscd is the belief and confidence to follow my creative path.


How did your collaboration with Emily Ziz come about?

Sally (Palmer) and I were the lucky joint recipients of the 2014 Emily Ziz Surface Design Graduate of the year award at iscd. Our class of 2014 was overflowing with immense talent and incredible people, which is why this amazing opportunity came as such a surprise.


What was it like working so closely with Emily Ziz?

Fantastic! It is such an honour to be given this opportunity to create a collection that we are both proud of and to have ‘La Paradiso’ standing alongside all of the other fabulous designers that Emily Zizrepresents. Emma was always full of encouragement & guidance but she also allowed us to have full creative control of our designs and I have learnt so much from the process.