Becky Stanley

“Before coming to iscd, I’d been a florist for 25 years and was stuck in a bit of a career and life rut. I was looking for something else and went to the open days of a couple of colleges. iscd just stood out a mile; I felt really comfortable and the teachers resonated with me. The atmosphere of the school really nailed it for me.

I undertook the Certificate IV in Design then went on to do the Diploma in Colour Design. I started getting work halfway through the certificate course – I was assisting on photoshoots for magazines and absolutely loved it. The course really opened my eyes to all the different creative avenues you can choose to go down.

I run my own company, Beautiful Interiors, and work as a colour consultant and prop stylist for television.

The most important part of my experience was the teachers, they were amazing. Really down-to-earth and encouraging. They were realistic about the future, too.

I used to be petrified of change, of taking a chance.  The thing I got most out of iscd beside confidence was the belief that my creativity can be used in so many different areas.”