Aimee Grant

Prior to coming to iscd, I was studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in painting and drawing. Towards the end of my degree I did some short courses in design and textiles. They really resonated and made me rethink my art practice. My passion for pattern and motifs grew from there, and this is very much reflected in my personal sketchbooks.

I began to search for related courses and the Surface Design Diploma at iscd offered a good base for developing the relevant skills. The diploma has a solid foundation of colour theory and creation, plus you work through a number of industry briefs, which open communication channels with the different types of Australian companies that use surface designers.

The course led me to my current job with Porter’s Paints. They supply a wallpaper design brief and I actually won the award for it that year. From there, the company approached me to interview for a position. Since then my role has really expanded.

In the last few years I’ve been collaborating with guest designers and being a real part of the design and colour process. Now much of my time is divided between the design and manufacture aspects of the wallpaper section. One of the main things I’ve been able to use from the diploma in my working life is the process of design – seeing a brief through from concept development to final finished artwork.

That experience in the classroom has been really valuable. Once you hold a Surface Design Diploma you can go freelance, focus on commercial art or, like me, work with a company that develops a product. Right now I just love the fact I’m building a career in an area I’m really passionate about.

Being at iscd was a great time in my life. The school offers more than just a course; it’s a wonderful, creative community. I felt right at home. On the whole, what really struck me were the teachers. They were very open and generous with their experience and knowledge. It made for a very encouraging atmosphere.