Aaron Reynolds

“I’ve always had a fascination for design, even as a small child. In high school I dreamed of being an architect but I studied science instead and spent almost ten years working in brain research.

I grew tired of working in the lab, I needed to meet new people and take pride in my work. I went to the iscd information day and it felt like a really buzzy, creative environment full of happy people. The teachers were clearly passionate, I instantly felt it would be the right education experience for me.

I undertook the Certificate IV in Design then went on to complete the Colour Design Diploma. In the certificate course, I was in a small group so there was lots of one-on-one attention, which was fantastic.

Since graduating, I’ve launched my own business called Chroma Zones. The name is a play on my former life and the plan is to integrate my love of audio and acoustic with my love of design. Essentially, I create the look and feel of dedicated spaces to listen to music or watch TV and film in. Recently I was engaged to do colours and finishes for a basement music room in an architecturally designed home in Sydney’s northern suburbs. It’s a niche market but my services could be used for home theatres, school halls, conference centres even daycare centres.

The course at iscd has really helped change my life. One of the things it really fostered, for me at least, was a very strong peer support group. The feedback you get from your fellow students is so important. At first it’s easy to doubt yourself, but one of the real things you learn through the course is to believe in yourself as a designer. I’ve gone from being very unhappy and lacking in confidence, to being a completely different person in the space of 12 months.”

How can you become a Colour Designer?

iscd offers a two-step study pathway towards the Colour Design Diploma. When studying part time, the iscd Certificate IV in Design is the pre-requisite to the Colour Design Diploma.