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Posted by iscd@admin on May 4

We are always excited to hear what our educators are up to! We recently caught up with one of our educators, Lucka Slatner an Architectural Lighting Designer.

Lucka first found her passion for light during her student years. Having been involved in a number of lighting projects across Australia and abroad. Lucka brings this industry experience and knowledge into the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration here at iscd. Along with being an iscd educator, Lucka designs sensory rooms for people with disabilities and works as an Architectural Lighting Designer and Light Artist in her own studio, LightAtelier.

Later this month some of Lucka’s work is in this years VIVID Festival in Sydney. The installation is called ‘Wobbelees’ which is a series of four oversized roly-poly toys, that when pushed, rock changing colour each time, eventually stopping to the upright position where soft chiming sounds can be heard as they slow down. You can find her installation at The Rocks between 25th May and 16th June 2018 and read more about the Wobbelees here. We caught up with Lucka to talk about her life as an educator and designer plus she gives her tips to anyone thinking about studying design.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m involved in a myriad of different projects across my passions. Some interior design projects, some architectural lighting design projects and some revolve around Sensory Rooms, catering for people with disabilities. It’s all very vibrant. And of course, some of my work is being featured in this years VIVID Festival!


Hardest part of what you do?

Not to get carried away with a project. It’s so hard to love something and love doing it and not forget to properly manage your time.


Favourite part of what you do?

Everything! I’m so lucky to have found my passion in lighting and being able to get involved in such variety of projects. There’s never a dull moment in the studio. And I simply love the challenges it all comes with needing to work out how to make something that has never been done before. I do a lot of prototypes in my line of work and in doing that I have to utilize all the knowledge and sometimes ingenuity to transfer and idea from paper to reality. It’s great!


Best thing about teaching at iscd?

Seeing passion and drive in students. We get students from all walks of life and regardless of their background I can see it in them. It gives me great satisfaction to try to relay what I’ve learned so far to help them spread their wings.


Do you have any tips/advice for anyone thinking about studying design?

Dare. Dare to think outside the box since nothing great ever came out of the comfort zone. I may have borrowed the last part from someone but I truly believe it. Also, never stop learning. Everything you learn will help you be better at your job and it is an awesome job to have. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Have you been inspired by Lucka and her passion for what she does? Make sure to support her at Vivid and check her out on social.

If you are thinking about studying design. iscd offers a range of accredited and non accredited design courses as well as short courses and workshops


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