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Posted by iscd@admin on August 8

Chasing a dream can be a scary thing. Here we are inspired by Brooke Rudiz’s story to launch a luxury bath towel brand. Her vision was simple. To provide “the feeling of wrapping yourself in a beautiful luxe bath towel at the end of a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. I want Sunday Minx to make this experience a daily ritual for all stylish and design savvy individuals.” We are really excited to have Brooke and Sunday Minx at our next workshop with James Treble on Bathroom design where she will be giving away samples of her beautiful towels. Here is her story.



What was your background prior to commencing your business?

I worked in Advertising and Media Sales for nearly 10 years prior to launching Sunday Minx. I was a Group Sales Director at News Corp, managing a large team who looked after the advertising needs of many global blue chip companies. I loved the fast paced nature of media world and learnt so much. I couldn’t have started my own business without the discipline and commitment I had been taught at News.

How did you hear about iscd and what made you want to study with us?  

An ad for iscd in an interior design magazine caught my eye and prompted me to learn more about what this design school offered. At the time Shane and I knew we wanted to create a Bath Towel brand, however had no idea where to start!

The Design to Market course guided us through a step-by-step journey from identifying your product and target audience right through to contacting manufacturers, shipping, setting pricing and marketing your product.

The course was EXACTLY what we needed and provided a perfect balance of inspiration and realism – plus a healthy checklist of things to consider if we were going to take the plunge and start a brand.


How would you describe your educators at iscd and how did they help you throughout your journey?  

Our teacher Tania was fantastic and openly shared her own experiences and advice with us. She was relaxed yet informative and showed genuine interest in everyone’s ideas and plans.

 What did you enjoy most about the course/workshop?  

Being surrounded by like minded people who all want to share their ideas and openly ask questions and advice was really rewarding. I learnt a lot just from the stories other people in the class discussed.

What happened next? How did you get to where you are now?

The course was the spring board I needed to make the dream a reality. Within 6 months of completing Design to Market, I resigned from my full time job, registered a business name, secured funding, flew to Europe to meet with manufacturers and designed a range of Bath Towels that reflected my personal taste and the brand aesthetic I wanted to create. Within 12 months we had launched online, were taking orders and learning the ropes of running a business!

Sunday Minx is now 2 years old and has created two beautiful Bath Towel Collections I am intensely proud of. We have sold thousands of towels – a very humbling thought to know that our product is in so many homes.

What was the biggest barrier to entry?

Recognising I didn’t have infinite hours in a day forced me to resign from my full time job and move Sunday Minx from a side project to a Full Time job. The need for unwavering focus was the only way for me to make it happen and maintain a level of sanity at the same time!


What’s the hardest thing about running your own business?  

Trying to be an expert at everything can be really challenging! We all have our areas of strength, yet running a small business requires you to know and be everything – from finances, marketing, social media, manufacturer negotiations, shipping, importing laws and customer service, to name a few.  I’m always pushing myself to learn as much as I can, yet have recognised when I need to put my hand up and ask for help.


What are your tips/ advice for students that are looking to get out into the industry and start their own business? 

Back yourself and give it a go!

Don’t go in blindly and certainly do your research prior, however at some point you need to go all in and commit to making it happen or it will always be a dream.

What do you have planned next for yourself / business? 

Our ambition is for Sunday Minx to be the Bath Towel of choice. We want people to aspire to have our towels in their bathroom and enjoy our superior quality materials and fun, playful designs.

We have goals to expand to Bath, Baby and Beach Towel products in future collections and I would love to collaborate with designers, brands or influencers with a similar design aesthetic.


You can follow Brooke here or on social at Facebook or Instagram.

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