Design Story – Sunday Minx

Chasing a dream can be a scary thing. Here we are inspired by Brooke Rudiz's story to launch a luxury bath towel brand. Her vision was simple. To provide "the feeling of wrapping yourself in a beautiful luxe bath towel at the end of a long day is one of

Design Story – Kathie Argyros & French Cargo

Have you ever thought about throwing the towel in on your career and following your passion? Here is the story of Kathie Argyros, an iscd graduate who did just that. From the fast pace of the airline industry to embracing her passion in all things French and creating her successful business French Cargo.

Interior Design Story – Alicia Xiberras Interiors

  This month we chat to an interior designer who has built up an design business that spans both commercial and residential design. A finalist in the national design competition ‘Corporate Cultures Design Journey,’ and recently awarded one of Australia's Interior Designers to watch by Alicia made time to

Different types of Interior Designer Styles

Posted by iscd@admin on July 6 2017

As designers we are each unique in the way that we approach our work with our own design style. It is no surprise then, that the design world is made up of so many ideas, personalities, personas and styles. Here Tom Puuko from Feathr gives some great insights to the different types of

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