5 ways to bring the summer into your home

Posted by iscd@admin on October 12

With December fast approaching it can only mean one thing… Summer! It’s time to dust off your swimwear and lock away your winter warmers and welcome those summer vibes with open arms. So here at iscd we thought we could give you 5 tips on how to bring summer into your home.


When we think of colour and summer together we think of bright, happy colours right? Yellows, oranges, pinks, blues and greens? Using bright colours in the home can really set the mood. Yellow is the colour of brightness and mental clarity. Orange is the colour of joy and is known to be inviting. Pink is known to be a caring and compassionate colour, often used in relation to love, and blue is a cool, calming colour that genuinely makes us think of the sky and the ocean. Any of these colours would be great to introduce into your home this summer as they all promote positivity in some way. Whether it be a bold statement wall, or simply within your cushions and throws everyone loves a bit of colour in summer!



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‘Wicker’ is actually the woven technique used to create the furniture or object, which can be made from any one cane-like material. Wicker is said to have been documented right back to ancient Egypt, then passed onto ancient Rome. Wickers baskets were used to carry items in Pompeii. Wicker furniture or objects are light and sturdy, making them a great accessory for the home, inside or out. A great accessory for bringing the summer into your home as they are usually associated with the beach and the outdoors. Weather they are used for storage or just for show, they look great and give you a real ‘beachy’ feel!

Image Source: Homes To Love



Need we say much more? Who doesn’t love a hammock! This is definitely a fun way to bring the summer into your home. You could use it as a reading/relaxation corner, an alternative seat in the living area or just for show!




Image Source: Decoist



In most bedrooms the bed is the main/central feature, so bedding can play a big part in the mood/feel of your room. In winter you may want thick textured blankets and lots of cushions made of warm and inviting colours. In summer you’ll be wanting thin, light and airy bedding that represents sunshine and smells of fresh air. There is absolutely nothing worse than waking up in the night because you’re too hot. So you definitely want to get your summer bedding right, especially the look! Plain, bright white sheets are always a favourite in summer, as is linen because of the coolness they promote. They are also a good way of cooling the look of your room down without having to spend much. If your room is decorated more for winter, in warm, dark colours something as simple as white bedding will freshening your room up.

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No surprise here – plants are everywhere, but they are a great way to bring the summer indoors. Whether it be with real or fake plants. The Philodendron plant is always a good choice if you are a fan on real plants, it’s not only bold and beautiful, but it does absorb a lot of formaldehyde (organic chemical found in households) from the air! Even incorporating plant patterns into your interiors gives your room a tropical feel. This can be done subtly through cushions on the sofa or bold wallpaper or curtains!








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