5 interesting facts on colour that will help you in your day to day life

Posted by iscd@admin on October 10

Colour effects our depth perception

When choosing the colours for a room you should consider this. Bright, cool colours generally make a room feel bigger, and dark warm colours generally make a room feel smaller and more intimate.





Wearing bright colours could be the one thing between you and that job you wanted!

Wearing bright colours stand out more than greyed off colours. Bright colours can improve your  mood but also the moods of others around you which could affect the outcome of that important meeting. Or make an impact so a client remembers you when deciding who they choose to work with.






Pink is the colour used for anger management

When feeling angry it has been said that visualising the colour pink can reduce the anger you are feeling. The colour pink promotes calmness and peace.






Red and Yellow promote hunger

Red, makes you feel warm, comforted, and loved, which is what some would describe as a good meal should make us feel. Yellow, as well as being the ‘happy’ colour, has been found to encourage hunger when used with red, your brain releases more serotonin, a feel-good hormone, when you see the colour. Notice how many restaurants use yellow in their logo’s to make you want to stop and eat.












Men and women see colour differently

Men and women really don’t see ‘eye to eye’ study says. It’s said that men’s eyes see colours, such as Red, women’s eyes will see the different shades/tones of that colour, in this case Maraschino and Cayenne.

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