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Posted by iscd@admin on December 5

With 2017 coming to an end, we’ve taken a look back at some student work from the year, we’ve seen some amazingly talented designers come through the school this year and we didn’t want to miss taking the opportunity to share some of their work with you. We asked students to submit their favourite work from the year and give us a few words on what their year was like. Here is a snap shot of some of their replies:

Certificate IV in Design


“I stood in awe at the iscd open day in June of 2017. I had always enjoyed creating and working with colour but how could I possibly create works as beautiful as these?

Before the course started I nearly pulled out, doubting myself and my abilities. How could I keep up? Was I too old? Was I not good enough?

I am so pleased I didn’t listen to my self-doubt; from the very first class I knew I was in the right place. Our wonderful educator Ali soon had me feeling at home at iscd. The other students were all so welcoming and the content of every lesson was so exciting! Monday soon became my favourite day of the week, I was in my happy place.

We were challenged to step out of our comfort zones and encouraged every step of the way. I will no longer call myself “the girl who can’t draw.”

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Certificate IV in Design. I went into it thinking I would go on to study Styling but as Tim Minchin said “if you focus too far in front of you, you won’t see the shiny thing out the corner of your eye.” For me it was Surface Design and I look forward to starting that next year.”

-Deborah Stretton (Illustration brief – Certificate IV in Design)

Instagram – @stalia_design


“Certificate IV in Design has been a very fulfilling process taking me back to the basics of understanding colour research, design concepts and drawing development and applications.

Our course educator Rachelle, was genuinely interested in our progress. Her experience and friendly approach added so much to the positive vibe of the course. I have really enjoyed the complete concept based briefs such as the cushion pattern design and the Designer Rugs brief. The challenge of the blank drawing board and the ensuing research around a unique design within specific requirements from a brief was particularly motivating.

I enjoyed the demands of such projects as they were very realistic to what would be expected within the industry and invited me to really explore my creativity and channel it into a specific commercial product.

I have met like-minded, equally passionate people at iscd, many that I now count as friends.  Our class was very energising and we supported each other naturally.”

– Ghabida McGrath (Cushion Design Brief – Certificate IV in Design)


Surface Design Diploma

“I’ve enjoyed studying Surface Design with iscd. The course has taught me how to create repeat patterns and think about each step in the design development process. Each brief has focused on creating for specific products and/or clients which makes you think outside the square. Studying with iscd  has given me the skills and knowledge I needed to start my own small design business.”

Sheree Coleman (Cushion Design for Charles Parsons Brief – Surface Design Diploma)

Instagram – @whimsykaleidoscope


“I’ve had the most amazing year at iscd on a Surface Design adventure filled with pattern, colour, experimenting, challenges, and lots and lots of fun! Huge thanks to our Educator Leah, whose wealth of knowledge and passion for Surface Design is infectious, which made learning so enjoyable. Can’t quite believe it’s over, but now I feel ready and mega excited for the next chapter!”

-Rachel Grimes-Carmichael (Surface Design Diploma)

Instagram – @oolahstudio


“Whilst the learning curve was steep, I got exactly what I wanted from the Surface Design Diploma. My knowledge of the Adobe Suite was dauntingly limited at the start of the course, yet now I can comfortably design entire print collections with confidence. There is still so much more to learn; but the commitment, passion and enthusiasm of our teacher has ingrained in all of us, a passion for great design and the desire to achieve our goals.”

-Fiona Gardiner (Surface Design Diploma)


Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration


“Studying at iscd has provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to refine my love for design. Learning through different mediums has helped to marry my love for hand-rendering and graphics.”

– Gemma Austen (Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration)
Instagram – ga.designstudio


“My time studying at iscd has been life changing for me. I began with the Certificate IV in Design – the spark was lit and I wanted to keep exploring and learning more.  Studying Interior Design and Decoration has been challenging, demanding, exhilarating and fulfilling – all at the same time.

In short – my time at iscd has been an incredible experience that has led me on a rich design journey. Along the way I have developed many new skills, met some amazing people and look forward to starting a new exciting career in the design industry.”

– Lisa Baroud (Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration)



“Studying at iscd has reignited my passion and interest in design, whether it be coming up with a colour scheme to revitalise a space or choosing fabrics to frame wall treatments- the possibilities are endless. While there has been challenges along my creative journey thus far, the genuine support of the educators and their willingness to import their knowledge has given me the confidence to explore and generate ideas and concepts to create solutions for real life application.

iscd has been the ideal environment for me to develop my skills in design; a place where I can discuss and share my ideas with fellow students and discover my own style and aesthetics.”

Szu-Han Wang (Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration)

We thank these students for taking the time to share their beautiful work and their experience as a student. We look forward to following your design journey. If you have work you’d like to share or have graduated and are out doing great things, we would love to hear about it. Email us at creativity@iscd.edu.au or share with us on social. Have a safe and relaxed Christmas and we look forward to seeing students back on campus again in 2018.

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